How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell (Complete Guide)

As a Ring Doorbell user, I know how frustrating it can be when my device’s RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) is low.

Poor signal strength means the doorbell won’t respond to motion or sound notifications, and the video feed will be choppy.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to improve the RSSI of my Ring Doorbell so that I can get back to enjoying the smooth performance.

In this article, I’ll share what I’ve learned about how to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell.

Let’s get started!

What is a Good RSSI on a Ring Doorbell? 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

Before discussing the possible method of improving your Ring doorbell RSSI you will need to know what is the good signal strength. Do you really need to improve your RSSI or not? 

You can check your doorbell RSSI in the Ring app under the device health section. 

1. Launch the Ring app on your phone. 

2. Select the Ring doorbell that you want to check. 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

3. And click on the settings

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

4. Then go to the device health

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

5. Under the device health, you’ll see your doorbell signals strength “RSSI.”

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell
RSSI LevelBehaviour
-40 or aboveStrong: No connection issue
-65 to 41Signals with few video issue
-66 to -90 Major connection issues 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

You can improve your Wi-Fi signals (RSSI) on your Ring doorbell by following the below methods. 

1. RE-Position Router 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

While you are having a low RSSI problem on your Ring doorbell, you should check your router position. If it is placed far from the doorbell, it causes weak Wi-Fi signals. 

You should look at your router position and bring it closer to the doorbell if it is too far from it. 

Changing the router position and bringing it closer to the doorbell will improve the RSSI strength. You can check it in the Ring app under the device health section. 

2. Use Right Wi-Fi Band 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

Including many devices, Ring doorbells can perform well on a 2.4 GHz network instead of a 5 GHz. As 5Ghz is helpful when the router is closer to the doorbell, it performs extremely well. 

But it can cause low RSSI when the router is not closer to your doorbell, and in this situation, the 2.4Ghz will be the right Wi-Fi frequency band to improve your Ring RSSI. 

It provides a fast Wi-Fi network speed and works well when your router is far from the doorbell and has Internet interference. 

You can do it from the router settings and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Here you can take a general view of how to switch router band frequencies. 

3. Remove Interferences 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

Internet interferences like electronic devices in the way of your router and doorbell slow down the Wi-Fi network. 

You can improve the Ring doorbell RSSI by removing these electronic appliances or devices that emit radio waves. 

These devices can be your EarBuds, laptop, microwave oven, refrigerator, or anything else you find near your doorbell and router. 

4. Reduce Connected Devices 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

Another way to improve your doorbell RSSI is to reduce connected devices from your Wi-Fi router, which slows down the Internet. 

Because each router has a limit of devices that can be connected in order to work correctly. If you connect many devices or exceed the limit, it can weaken your Internet. 

So, you should look at the number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi that you are using with your Ring doorbell. 

If too many devices are set up, and most are not currently in use, you should disconnect them and improve the Ring doorbell RSSI. 

5. Reset the Router 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

Performing a factory reset can also be proved helpful in improving the Wi-Fi network signals. As reset returns the device back to its factory default settings. 

And also it removes the software bugs/ glitches that might be decreasing the network strength. 

After resetting the router, your settings will be removed, and you will need to set up all connected devices from the start.

Here are steps to reset your Wi-Fi router: 

1. Switch on your router, and locate the reset button from the back of the router. 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

2. Insert a paperclip or other tool in the reset pinhole and long-press it for about 15 seconds. 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

3. Release the button and wait until the router automatically reboots. 

6. Use Wi-Fi Extender 

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

If all of the ways do not improve your Ring doorbell RSSI, you should buy a Wi-Fi extender for your doorbell that can improve the signal’s strength. 

When you are looking for a quality extender for your Ring doorbell, the Ring Chime Pro is one of the best options available on the market. 

It is manufactured by Ring and performs multiple tasks that you can use for your Ring doorbell RSSI improvement. 

Plug the Chime Pro closer to the doorbell and connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and in the Ring app. It will help to improve Wi-Fi signals and prevent the doorbell from going offline. 

The Chime Pro works as a Wi-Fi extender; you can use it as an in-home chime. Also, it has a night light. 

What Causes Poor RSSI On Ring Doorbells?

A poor RSSI can be caused by a few following reasons:

How to Improve RSSI On Ring Doorbell

1. Router and doorbell are not closed

if your Wi-Fi router is far from the doorbell; it causes weak Wi-Fi signals and poor RSSI on your Ring device. 

2. Physical obstructions

Too many obstructions in the way of the doorbell and router, like metal, glass, walls, or electronic appliances, cause poor RSSI. 

3. Wrong Wi-Fi band frequency

Most of the Ring devices are not compatible with 5Ghz, and it causes poor RSSI on your Ring doorbell. It will be improved by switching the band frequency to 2.4 GHz. 

4. Too many connected devices

Another reason for this issue is too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi router and causing the network to weaken. 

Why Should I Boost Ring Wi-Fi Signals? 

It is helpful to improve your home security because slow Wi-Fi will cause the security system to keep disconnecting, going offline, or missing notifications. 

Here are a few benefits of improving your Wi-Fi signals for Ring doorbell:

1. Avoid the notifications delay 

2. Improve audio & video quality 

3. Keep doorbell online 

Would Moving My Router Closer Improve RSSI for Ring Doorbell?

Yes, moving the Wi-Fi router will improve the RSSI for your Ring doorbell. The router should be within the 30 feet range of your Ring doorbell to work correctly. 

So, you can move your router to improve the Wi-Fi signals and the RSSI for your Ring doorbell. 

Wrapping Up 

These are the possible ways to improve the RSSI on your Ring video doorbell:

  • Change your router position
  • Use the right Wi-Fi band frequency
  • Remove interferences
  • Reduce connected devices 
  • Reset the router 
  • Use a Wi-Fi extender

Did I Miss Something

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method from today’s article are you going to try? Are you still facing the low RSSI issues with your Ring doorbell? 

Let me know in the comment. 

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