Eufy Disarmed Mode (Everything you need to Know)

Eufy disarmed mode is a feature for Eufy devices that disables motion detection or other security alarms or notifications. 

Most homeowners use this mode when they are at home and doing anything. They turn their Eufy device temporarily off to prevent false notifications. 

So, in this article, I will share information about disarmed mode on Eufy and how you can enable or disable it. 

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Eufy Disarmed Mode

These are the thing which will help you to understanding the Eufy disarmed mode and the method to enable and disable it.

eufy disarmed mode

What is Eufy Disarmed Mode

Eufy devices have several modes, and disarmed mode is one of them. Which allows the user to disable their Eufy devices for a certain period that they want. 

After entering your Eufy doorbell, or camera, you’ll not receive any security alerts on your connected phone or chime. 

This is usually useful when working around your home or sometimes wanting to reset without being disturbed. 

Now that you know this Eufy feature, it’s time to know how to enable or disable this mode for Eufy devices. 

How to Enable or Disable Disarmed Mode for Eufy 

These are the steps to enable disarm mode for your Eufy security devices. 

eufy disarmed mode
  1. Install the Eufy security app on your phone 
  2. Log into your account 
  3. Open the Eufy security app and go to the security tab
  4. On this page will be 4 modes options 
  • Home 
  • Away 
  • Disarmed 
  • Scheduled 
  1. Tap on the disarmed mode option > and then save settings
  2. In this way, you can disable this mode with the help of the Eufy security app.  

This way, the disarmed mode will be enabled manually on your device, but remember to turn the disarmed mode off while you are leaving your house. 

If your Eufy device is stuck on disarmed mode or you cannot turn it off, there are a few solutions to resolve it. 

How to Fix Eufy Stuck on Disarmed Mode 

If you are facing an issue with your Eufy devices, such as being stuck in the disarmed mode, it can be due to the software malfunctioning. But a few troubleshooting steps will be able to fix it. 

Reset Eufy

 When your Eufy device is stuck in the disarmed mode, you should reset it to resolve the problem. 

This method will remove glitches or bugs from your device and turn it into factory default settings. 

Once the reset is finished, your device will be refreshed as new, and all saved data from the device will be removed. 

Follow the below steps to reset your Eufy doorbell: 

Remove the doorbell from the mounting bracket 

Take a paperclip or other similar tool  

Insert it into the reset button of your Eufy doorbell (at the back of the doorbell) 

Press and hold it for about 11 seconds until you hear the doorbell chime 

Then you’ll see a yellow light on the front of the doorbell, which means the device is resetting to the factory settings 

You probably have to wait 30 seconds until it finishes the reset process.

Update Eufy security App

If your Eufy device is in disarmed mode, you should ensure that your Eufy security app runs on the latest version. 

If the app is not up to date, it can be causing this problem. Installing the latest version of the security app will resolve this issue. 

You can install this app easily from the Play Store or App Store. Open one of the app stores and search for the Eufy security app. 

Tap on the official app icon and download it on your phone. Downloading will take a few minutes, depending on your Internet speed. 

What are the modes on Eufy?

Eufy devices have four security modes which have their own benefits and uses. These modes are mentioned below: 

  1. Home 
  2. Away 
  3. Disarmed 
  4. Scheduled 

You can read details about the all Eufy devices mode below:


This mode is used when you are at home because, in this mode, all security devices will be activated and monitoring your home. 

But you’ll not receive any security alerts and notifications on your Eufy security app. 


In this mode, all your Eufy devices will be activated and send alerts and notifications to the connected phone when it detects motion or other events. 

This mode is usually recommended to use when you are not at home. 


As we’ve discussed, disarmed mode disables all your devices, and you’ll not receive security notifications; the motion detection will also be disabled. 

This is used when you want to turn the Eufy devices off for some reason. 


If the above modes do not match your requirements, this mode helps the user customize the mode according to his specific requirements. 

You can set up any mode with your requirements and for a certain time when you want it. 

Can you run EUFY at night?

Yes, you can run your Eufy devices at night, but you have to enable the “night vision” feature for Eufy devices you want to use at night. 

You can enable the night vision manually each night when you want or set up “auto night vision.” 


The disarmed mode is usually helpful on your Eufy devices to turn them off or disable notifications temporarily. 

You can go to the Eufy security app and will be able to enable and disable this mode manually. 

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