Eufy Doorbell Offline (17 Ways to Fix)

It is frustrating when your Eufy doorbell keeps going offline and you cannot fix it. It’s a common issue that many users have reported. 

It can be difficult to say the exact problem, but several possible solutions will be able to fix the doorbell and get back online in the app. 

In this article, I will share detailed solutions to fix your offline Eufy doorbell. So, let’s take a deep look at its possible solutions. 

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Eufy Doorbell Offline 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

Your Eufy doorbell can be offline due to a temporary power outage; you should ensure that the HomeBase is connected to Wi-Fi and turn the doorbell on. 

Press the sync button from the back of the doorbell and connect to the Wi-Fi and Eufy Security app. 

If the doorbell is not connecting, here are a few troubleshooting steps that you should follow to fix it. 

1. Check Wi-Fi 

When the Eufy doorbell is offline, you should check that your Wi-Fi is on and it is connected to the doorbell. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

If the doorbell isn’t connected to the network, it causes the doorbell to go offline. So, you should turn the Wi-Fi on and connect it to the doorbell. 

If you cannot connect a doorbell to the Internet, there might be several reasons. And you can try the following solutions to fix it. 

2. Check Internet Subscription 

If the Wi-Fi is not connecting to the doorbell and causing it to keep going offline, you should ensure that the Internet subscription isn’t expired. 

And you can check your Internet connection by connecting to other devices, such as your mobile phone or tablet. 

And open a web browser; if you are unable to use the web browser, your Internet subscription might expire. 

3. Check Ethernet Cable 

An ethernet cable is used to connect Wi-Fi routers to your Eufy HomeBase. You should check that it is connected firmly to the HomeBase and router. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

If the connection keeps falling, the Ethernet cable may be faulty or not connected securely. 

You should replace the cable with a new one and ensure with the new cable that now your doorbell is fixed. 

4. Check Battery Fully Charged 

If you have a Eufy 2k battery doorbell, you should ensure it is fully charged. If the doorbell battery is low and due to the low power, it will keep going offline. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

Remove the doorbell from the mounting bracket and plug it into the charger. It will take about 2 hours to fully charge. 

Once you have fully charged your device, put it back and turn it on to ensure that it is not malfunctioning now. 

5. Power Cycle HomeBase 

Power cycling the HomeBase is included turning it off and then on it. This method will refresh your HomBase and help to resolve this issue. 

Here is how to power cycle Eufy HomeBase: 

Unplug its power adapter from the wall outlet 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

Wait about 1 minute 

And plug the power adapter again into the wall power outlet 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

6. Power Cycle Router 

Sometimes a Wi-Fi router can be the reason behind this problem. So, you should fix your Wi-Fi network by trying the power cycle method. 

This process will also help you re-establishing the connection between the router and Eufy devices. 

Here are steps to do this: 

  1. Locate the power adapter of your router and unplug it from the power outlet 
  2. Wait about 1 minute 
  3. And then plug the power adapter into the power outlet, and check if the issue is resolved 

7. Place Wi-Fi router Closer 

In a few cases, weak Wi-Fi signals cause such an issue. And the slow signals can be due to you having placed the router away from the HomeBase and doorbell. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

According to Eufy Wi-Fi router should be 50 ft from HomeBase and 30 ft from the doorbell. If the distance is more than that, you should consider placing the router closer. 

Moving the router closer to the Eufy devices will increase the signal’s strength and help to get the doorbell online. 

Also, check that there are not too many devices in the way of the router and HomeBase that emits radio waves. Because they can cause interference with the Wi-Fi signals. 

8. Reset your Router 

Resetting is a method that helps to turn your device back to its factory default settings. And all user-customized settings will be disabled. 

So, you should perform a factory reset for your router, which will help to restore your router to the factory settings. 

Also, remove all settings or features you have customized unknowingly, and cause issues with your Wi-Fi connection. 

Follow the below steps to reset the router: 

  1. Locate the reset button at the back of your router 
  2. Take a paperclip or other similar tool 
  3. Press and hold the reset button with a paperclip for about 20 seconds 
  4. Release the reset button after 30 seconds, and the router will be successfully turned back to factory settings 

9. Reset HomeBase 

As we discussed, the resetting process above, it helped to fix your Wi-Fi router. In the same way, you should reset your Eufy HomeBase. 

This will help turn the device back to factory default settings and remove any bugs causing issues with the device. 

Here are steps to reset it

Press and hold the reset button from the back of HomeBase with the help of a paperclip or other similar tool 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

Release the button when you hear “HomeBase Resetting.” 

10. Reset Eufy Doorbell

Similarly, reset the doorbell to factory settings because resetting both HomeBase and the doorbell will help re-establish the connection and remove bugs from the device’s software. 

Here are steps to reset your Eufy doorbell: 

  1. Remove the doorbell from the mounting bracket 
  2. Press and hold the reset button from the back of it for about 12 seconds
  3. Release the button while you see a yellow light in front of it, and wait more than 30 seconds to finish it process 

11. Update Wi-Fi Password 

For some reason, you might have changed your Wi-Fi password and forget updating it in your Eufy security app for the doorbell. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

It will cause the doorbell to go offline and not connect to Wi-Fi. You should check if you have changed your password. 

Then go to the Eufy app and update the new password or username for your Eufy devices to resolve the issue. 

12. Use Phone Hotspot 

If you have still offline your Eufy doorbell after troubleshooting the Wi-Fi router. So, you should use a different Internet source, such as a mobile hotspot. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

Turn your mobile phone hotspot and connect the HomeBase and doorbell to the same network. And ensure to keep the phone closer to your Eufy devices. 

Here is how you can change your network details for your Eufy devices. After connecting to the mobile Internet, check if the problem is resolved. 

13. Incompatible Temperature 

Eufy devices such as doorbells or security cam can not work in extremely hot or cool temperatures. They require a suitable temperature to work correctly. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

If the temperature is between -4°f (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C), your Eufy devices should work normally. 

However, to keep the device operating normally at the extreme temperature, you should charge the device inside your house. 

And then, put it back where you want and keep repeating this routine until the temperature becomes moderate. 

14. Update Device Software 

Eufy keeps releasing the latest software update for their device, including HomeBase, doorbells, and cameras. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

The latest software updates enable the device to keep operating correctly without having issues, one of which we are discussing. 

You should check that your Eufy devices are running on the latest software version because outdated software will be the reason for this problem. 

Here are steps to check the firmware of your Eufy devices: 

  1. Open the Eufy security app on your phone and log into your account 
  2. Tap on the side menu > and go to “My Devices.” 
  3. And choose a device from here
  4. Then tap on the device settings 
  5. About the device > and system version 

15. Check Doorbell Connected to Power Outlet securely 

Another thing is to check that your doorbell is securely connected to the power outlet. Sometimes wires are damaged and cause disconnection from the power source. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

So, you should check all wires are connected firmly to the doorbell and the power outlet. If the doorbell is disconnected from the power source, you should fix it. 

16. Check Power Supply 

While facing this issue with your Eufy doorbell, ensure that it isn’t facing an issue with the power supply. 

If the power cables or the power source that you are using are faulty, the doorbell will keep going offline. 

So, you should check your power outlet and ensure the wiring is not faulty. You can check your wall outlet with the help of a lamp. 

Plug it into the power source; if the lamp isn’t turning on, your power source is faulty. You should use another power outlet to fix your doorbell. 

17. Faulty Transformer 

If the doorbell is still not working, you should check your transformer to ensure it is not faulty. And it provides enough power to the doorbell. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

Due to the low power doorbell might keep going offline. Ensure transformers provide 16-24VAC, 30 VA or above voltage. 

If the transformer provides low-voltage power to the doorbell, you should consider replacing your transformer. 

18. Check for Damage 

If the doorbell is damaged physically, it will not be able to work normally. And you should carefully check the doorbell closely to ensure it isn’t damaged from anywhere. 

If the doorbell is burnt or broken, you should contact a technician who can help resolve it. 

However, if the doorbell is unable to be repaired, you should consider buying a new high-quality doorbell. 

19. Contact Customer Support 

After trying all the above solutions, if you cannot fix your Eufy doorbell offline, you should contact Eufy customer support. 

The customer support team will be able to help you and provide additional troubleshooting steps. 


These are possible solutions that will help to resolve your Eufy doorbell that is offline: 

  • Check and fix your Wi-Fi connection 
  • Ensure the Internet subscription isn’t expired 
  • Firmly insert the Ethernet cable 
  • Charge the doorbell battery fully 
  • Power cycle the HomeBase 
  • Power cycle your Wi-Fi router 
  • Place the Wi-Fi router closer to Eufy devices
  • Reset HomeBase and Wi-Fi router 
  • Factory reset Eufy doorbell 
  • Update the Wi-Fi password in the Eufy security app
  • Use a phone hotspot connection 
  • Ensure using it at a moderate temperature 
  • Update device software 

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Why is my Eufy wireless doorbell not powering on?

Your Eufy doorbell can not power on for several reasons; low battery, a faulty power outlet, defective wiring, incompatible temperature, or physical damage. 

You can fix it by checking your power supply to ensure the power outlet you are using is not faulty, charging the battery, using another power outlet, or replacing it. 

Eufy Doorbell Disappeared from the App

If you are facing an issue with your Eufy doorbell that is not showing in the Eufy app, there will be several reasons for this issue. 

Here are a few solutions to fix it: 

  1. Ensure the doorbell is fully charged or connected to the power outlet correctly 
  2. Check that the circuit breaker isn’t tripped 
  3. Use another power outlet and check its wiring is not damaged 
  4. Ensure the doorbell is securely connected to the HomeBase 
  5. Check your Wi-Fi router is turned on
  6. Keep the Wi-Fi router closer to the HomeBase and doorbell 
  7. Remove obstructions between the router and Eufy devices 
  8. If the doorbell is hardware damaged, get in touch with a professional technician 

How to tell if Eufy’s doorbell is charging 

While you plug your Eufy doorbell into the power outlet, the LED light on it will start flashing, which indicates that the doorbell is charging. 

And when the light turns off, it means your doorbell is fully charged. It takes about 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery. 

How to Check Battery Level on Eufy Doorbell 

You can check the battery level of your Eufy doorbell from the Eufy security app. Here are steps to check battery level: 

Eufy Doorbell Offline
  1. Open the Eufy security app on your phone 
  2. And choose your battery doorbell 
  3. And then tap on device settings 
  4. You’ll see the battery icon under your video doorbell name 
  5. With the help of the battery icon, you can figure out what the battery level is 

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