Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night (8 Quick Fixes)

I was so excited to install my new Eufy doorbell; it had all the features I wanted. But when nighttime came, I noticed Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night.

At first, I thought it was just a common error, but then it happened every night. After some investigating, I realized that a few issues were causing this issue with my Eufy doorbell.

In this article, we’ll explore why your Eufy doorbell isn’t working at night and how you can fix it to get your Eufy doorbell running back again.

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

These are possible solutions that you should try to fix your Eufy doorbell that is not working at night. 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

1. Enable and Disable Night Vision 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

You should try fixing your doorbell by disabling and enabling the night vision from the eufy security app. 

Doing this has resolved the night vision problem with several eufy users. And you can also try it might work for your doorbell. 

It can be done by following the below steps: 

1. Open the Eufy security app. 

2. Then select your video doorbell from the devices tab

3. Now, from the camera preview, click on the three-line menu from the bottom right corner. 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

4. And click the night mode icon to disable and then press it again to enable it. 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

2. Enable Auto Night Vision 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

When your eufy doorbell night vision isn’t working, you should first ensure the auto night vision is enabled for your doorbell. 

Because if the auto night vision is disabled, you’ll need to enter your doorbell manually in night vision at night time. 

On the other hand, when the doorbell is in auto mode, it will enter night mode automatically when the sun sets. 

So, this can be done from the eufy security app by logging in to your eufy account. You can enable auto night mode by following the below steps: 

1. Open the eufy security app and log into your account. 

2. And then go to the devices tab

3. Select your video doorbell and click on the gear icon

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

4. Now, under your doorbell, enable the Auto Night vision toggle to its ON position. 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

3. Reset the Doorbell

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

If turning off and on the night vision or checking the auto night vision has not fixed your video doorbell night vision, you should perform a factory reset for your doorbell. 

Performing a factory reset will be a possible solution to fix your doorbell issues

, also, it will remove the doorbell glitches or bugs. 

You should also remember to back up your data before resetting because all your data and footage will be wiped out from the device. 

Here is how you can reset your eufy doorbell: 

1. First, unmount the doorbell from its mounting plate. 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

2. Locate a tiny reset hole at the back of your doorbell. 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

3. Enter a paperclip or other tool into the pinhole and long press for about 15 seconds. 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

4. Release the button when you hear a sound and see a yellow light. 

4. Charge Battery

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

If the doorbell is still not fixed, you should check that its battery is fully charged. Because while your doorbell battery is low, it will not be able to work at night. 

In this situation, you should remove the doorbell from its mounting plate and plug it into the power outlet until it is fully charged. 

And then, you should check the battery level in the eufy app to ensure if it is fully charged. If the doorbell is charged fully, install it back on its mounting plate. 

1. Open the eufy security app. 

2. Then tap on your doorbell settings

3. Under the doorbell settings, check the battery icons indicating the battery level. 

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

If you suspect the doorbell isn’t fully charged even after charging for several hours, it can be due to your power source or weather issues. 

In this case, you should check your power source and cable and replace the battery. If still not fixed, you can contact a technician to get it fixed. 

5. Clear the Doorbell Lens

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

If you are still facing a night vision problem with your eufy doorbell, you should ensure its lens is completely clean. 

Because your doorbell uses a lens to work at night or record events at night time. If the lens is dirty, it can not work correctly. 

You can fix this issue by cleaning the lens with a cloth or tissue paper. You can also use rubbing alcohol to wipe out all kinds of debris. 

This should fix your doorbell. If it does not resolve the issue, you should try the other solutions below. 

6. Fix Wi-Fi Connection

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

A Wi-Fi connection is also essential in the doorbell night vision issue. While your doorbell is not sending alerts, you should check your Wi-Fi router. 

If the router is faulty or not working properly, you should fix it to get the doorbell working back. It can be fixed by power cycling or resetting your router. 

You can power cycle the router by unplugging it from the power outlet and then plugging it back in after a few minutes. 

Also, reset your router by pressing and holding the reset button from the back of your router with a paperclip or other tool. 

7. Place the Router Closer

Eufy Doorbell Not Working At Night

If your doorbell has a weak Wi-Fi connection, it cannot record events at any time, day or night. However, you can check these events on your HomeBase. 

But if your doorbell faces Wi-Fi issues, it will not send you the motion or other alerts on your phone. 

It can be fixed by ensuring your router is placed closer to the doorbell. If not, try relocating and moving it closer to the doorbell. 

8. Contact Customer Support 

If none of the above solutions has fixed your doorbell, you should contact the eufy customer support for further assistance. 

Customer support will give you different solutions and help you figure out the problem to get the doorbell back again.

Wrapping Up

These are the possible solutions that will help to resolve your eufy doorbell that isn’t working at night time: 

  • Enable Auto Night Vision 
  • Reset the Doorbell
  • Charge Battery
  • Clear the Doorbell Lens
  • Fix Wi-Fi Connection
  • Place the Router Closer

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method resolved your eufy doorbell? Do you still need help fixing your doorbell? 

Let me know in the comment.

Why is my EUFY doorbell not detecting motion at night?

Your Eufy doorbell cannot record or detect motion at night due to several problems, such as; motion detection being disabled, night vision being disabled, auto night vision not enabled, motion sensitivity too low, or the doorbell isn’t angled correctly. 

Why did my EUFY doorbell stop working?

The Eufy doorbell can stop working when its battery runs out of power, or its power supply fails. 

You should check and charge your doorbell, check its wiring, and fix it. Also, you should ensure the doorbell isn’t disarmed, or the motion detection is not disabled. 

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