Doorbell for Multiple Floors

All You Need to Know About Doorbell for Multiple Floors

Doorbells for multiple floors

You need to know the importance of Doorbell for Multiple Floors. What if you’re living in a building with 10 floors and you are busy with a project on the topmost floor, and someone rings the bell for you on the main entrance that you miss? Or if you hear the bell, you might find it difficult to navigate multiple flights of stairs just to answer the door. We’ve got a solution for you, buddy! “Doorbells for Multiple Floors”

The era we’re living in is digitally advanced, and anyone fancy to have convenience at their doorstep. Smart devices (particularly those installed in our homes) have transformed how we interact with our surroundings. One of the most innovative devices is a doorbell for multiple floors (multi-floor doorbell). 

In this article, we’re going to discuss what these doorbells are, their types, and what you must consider while purchasing one for your office or home building. So let’s get started!

What is Multi Floor Doorbell (Doorbell for Multiple Floors)?

Gone are the days of desperately rushing to answer the door; doorbells for multiple floors or multi unit doorbell systems with synchronized notifications and customizable alerts ensure you never miss a visitor or delivery, no matter which floor you’re on.

A multi-floor doorbell is a smart device installed at the entrance of a building with multiple floors that allow residents to monitor and interact with visitors at their front door from any level of their multi-story residence.

Depending on the type, some doorbells just emit a loud chime for the entire unit to hear, while others may utilize wifi to send notifications on the homeowner’s phone. To add icing on the cake, some multi-floor doorbells have a camera installed to let residents see who is ringing the doorbell. Some other types of these smart bells permit residents to grant visitors access to the property by remotely opening the property’s main entrance. This action might take through a phone or in-unit hardware.

Types of Doorbell for Multiple Floors

These doorbells are of 3 types that are discussed below:

Wired: wired doorbell with multiple receivers connect the outdoor base station to in-unit hardware with the help of professional wired installations. When a visitor rings the ball, the resident of the building will be notified through the in-unit hardware. This way, the resident can communicate with the visitor from any of the floors before letting them in.

Wireless: These Doorbells receivers use WIFI, cellular data, or Bluetooth to connect the unit hardware to the outdoor base station. These are also known as IP intercom doorbells and may also have the ability to integrate with smartphones for face-to-face video calling between visitors and house owners.

Smart: These doorbells for multiple floors come integrated with smartphone and video functionality. These bells lack unit hardware and notify residents about visitors through a smartphone notification.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Multi-Floor Doorbell for Your Building

If you’re considering installing a multi-floor doorbell in your 10-floor building, consider the points below before making a purchase.

1)   Budget

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying anything is your budget. If you want a quality option without breaking the bank, then it’s better for you to go with wireless or smart doorbells, as wired bells may cost you extra bucks for wiring.

2)   Installation Requirements

The process of installing different types of doorbells is different. Wired doorbells typically require professional installation and involve running wiring through the walls to connect the doorbell unit with the chimes on different floors. Most of the residents may find it difficult. So again, wireless and smart doorbells come to rescue you. These don’t require extensive wiring throughout your building and are easy to install.

3)   Privacy Concern

Most of the residents may have privacy concerns when their multi-floor doorbell features in-unit hardware with a camera. In this case, they may feel secure using a wired doorbell without a camera.

4)   Weather Conditions

If you live in an area with a harsh climate, then it’s vital for you to choose high-quality doorbells (wired, wireless, or smart) that can withstand wear and tear in intense climates.

Best Doorbell for Multiple Floor

Below we’re going to discuss one of the best wireless doorbell with multiple receivers you can choose for your house:

Coolqiya Wireless Waterproof Doorbell

Coolqiya doorbell for multiple floors comes with 2 remote waterproof push buttons and 3 Plugin Receivers. These durable wires can withstand climate wear and tear and operate at the highest distance of about 1000ft.

As these are wireless, so require no hard installations and batteries. Just plug into the power supply, and here you go. The Stereo speaker With 58 different ring tones and 5 levels of volume control is perfect for the hearing of the deaf or impaired.

For customer 100% satisfaction, Coolqiya makers offer 24hrs customer service and 18 months warranty, showing how much they trust their product.


  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient volume controls


  • The sound the receiver emits when the doorbell rings may seem a little cheap.

The Verdict – Doorbell for Multiple Floors

All in all, the doorbells for multiple floors are a great option for residents of a multi-floor building. These bells permit homeowners to communicate effectively with visitors at the front door. We’ve tried our best to provide you with all the information you need about this incredible device. Just go through the read before making a purchase. Happy journey with innovative technology! 😀References


What is the maximum distance for wireless doorbell?

Manufacturers indicate the maximum distance between the doorbell and receiver are in meters  between 50 and 100m. In practice, the maximum distance is mostly shorter.

Can you have two doorbells on one chime?

YES. you can have two doorbells on one chime.

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