Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone (7 Ways to Fix)

My Eufy doorbell has been working correctly since it was installed, but it stopped ringing for the last few days on my phone.

I wasn’t aware of how to fix it, but I tried a few online troubleshooting and found possible solutions. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps I’ve tried, and you can follow to fix your Eufy doorbell that isn’t ringing on the phone. 

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

These are the possible solutions to fix your Eufy doorbell that isn’t ringing on your phone. 

1. Enable Doorbell Notifications 

Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

The first and foremost solution when the Eufy doorbell isn’t ringing on your phone is to check and enable the app notifications for your doorbell. 

Because the Eufy app is configured to send notifications when you are using it. However, if you want to receive notifications when you’ve turned off the app/ or not using it. 

You will need to enable the push notifications option for your Eufy doorbell in order to get it ringing on your phone. 

Here are steps on how you can enable app push notifications:

1. Launch the Eufy app on your phone. 

2. Then go to your doorbell settings. 

3. Click on Audio Settings and Volume Settings. 

4. And then tap on Chime Alerts. 

5. Then enable the chime alerts by sliding the button. 

2. Increase Volume 

Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

When you are facing a problem with your Eufy doorbell, it isn’t ringing on your phone; it can be due to the phone notifications sound being turned all the way down. 

So, due to the low notification volume, you will not hear notification alerts when pressed, or the events are recorded. 

Here are a few steps to fix this problem:

1. Go to your phone settings and ensure the notifications volume is turned up too high. 

2. Also, you should ensure the phone isn’t in silent mode. 

3. If you are on an Apple iPhone, you can use the AirPods that come with the device. They have a built-in amplifier that makes alerts much louder. 

3. Fix the Wi-Fi Connection 

Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

A slow or malfunctioning Wi-Fi network is another common reason for the problem with your eufy doorbell that it isn’t ringing on the phone. 

In case your doorbell isn’t ringing on the phone, you should check the Wi-Fi connection. If it is not working or signals are too weak, you should fix it. 

You can check your network connection using your mobile phone or laptop. Open a web browser; if you cannot use the Internet, your connection is faulty and needs to be fixed. 

Connect the phone to the same connection and check internet speed online using Internet speed checker software. 

Here is how you can fix your Wi-Fi connection:

A. Power Cycle 

Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

Power cycling is a common way to resolve device malfunctioning or connection problems. This method includes turning off the power completely and turning it back on. 

Here are steps on how you can power cycle your Wi-Fi router:

  • Locate the power adapter of your router and unplug it. 
  • Wait a few minutes after unplugging it. 
  • Plug back into the power adapter and check if it is working. 

B. Factory Reset 

Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

If the power cycling method does not fix the router, you can perform a factory reset for your router. Resetting will help to improve network speed and remove software bugs. 

Also, factory resetting will turn your router back to its factory default settings. After resetting, you’ll need to set up the router and passwords from the start over.

You can reset your router by locating the reset button at the back of the router and pressing it for about 15 seconds. 

4. Change Router Position 

Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

If your Wi-Fi connection is still unresolved, you should check the router position to ensure it is placed within the doorbell range. 

It should be placed about within the 30 feet range of your doorbell; if it is far from the doorbell, you should re-locate the router. 

Bring the router closer to the doorbell, where it provides enough Wi-Fi speed. And then, you can connect the doorbell and check if it is ringing on your phone. 

5. Reset the Eufy Doorbell 

Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

The issue is common when the doorbell software is malfunctioning, or it is outdated. The possible solution in this situation is to perform a factory reset for the doorbell. 

Factory reset is a method that turns the device back to its factory default settings. Also, it will remove all kinds of software bugs that cause doorbell malfunction. 

Also, remember before resetting the doorbell, you should back up your data and videos from the doorbell. Reset will wipe out all saved data and will not be recovered. 

Here is how you can factory reset your Eufy doorbell:

1. Unmount the doorbell using the doorbell removal tool that comes with it. 

2. Next, turn the doorbell back and locate the reset pinhole on the rear cover of the doorbell. 

3. Insert a paperclip or other similar tool, then press and hold it for about 12 seconds. 

4. Release the reset button while the status light turns Yellow and set up the doorbell. 

6. Update Eufy Security App 

Eufy Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

Sometimes the issue belongs to the Eufy Security app and causes notifications problems on your phone. You can fix this problem by checking the app version and ensuring it runs on the latest version. 

Because an outdated version of your Eufy app will be the reason for several problems. If the app is outdated, you can update it to the latest version and get the problem resolved. 

Here is how you can update your Eufy Security app:

1. Open the Apple App Store/ Play Store on your phone. 

2. Type the Eufy Security app name in the search box. 

3. And select the official app from the search results. 

4. Tap on “Update” to install the latest version of the app. 

Once the app is successfully updated, you can connect your doorbell to a strong Wi-Fi connection and ring it on your phone. 

7. Contact Customer Support 

If none of the solutions helped to get your eufy doorbell ringing back on your phone, then you should contact Eufy customer support. 

Customer support will assist you with further solutions and help get the doorbell ringing on the phone. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope this article has helped you to get your Eufy doorbell ringing on your phone. These are a few possible solutions that might have fixed it. 

  • Enable Doorbell Notifications 
  • Increase Volume Option 
  • Fix the Wi-Fi Connection 
  • Change Router Position 
  • Reset the Eufy Doorbell 
  • Update Eufy Security App 

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