Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home (Complete Guide)

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Does Eufy Doorbell Work With Google Home?

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

Yes, the Eufy doorbell and Google Home can be linked together. This will help you to access extra features of your smart doorbell using Google Home Assistant. 

After connecting your Eufy doorbell to Google Assistance, you can monitor your front door using voice commands. 

You can read the following steps on how to pair the Eufy doorbell with the Google Home Assistant. 

How to Pair Eufy Doorbell to Google Home Assistant

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

Suppose you have already paired your Eufy smart doorbell in the app and are connected to the Wi-Fi network. 

Also, we hope your smart screen will already be connected to your Google Assistant and the same Wi-Fi network as the doorbell. 

Before moving forward, check that the devices are connected to the same network connection.

 It will prevent you from facing issues while setting up the doorbell with Google Assistant. If one of the devices is not on the same network, you should switch it to the network connection. 

Now you’ve already installed the Eufy Security and Google Home apps, follow the below steps and connect your Eufy doorbell with Google Home Assistant. 

1. Open the Google Assistant app on your mobile phone. 

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

2. Click on the Profile icon from the top right corner. 

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

3. Then select Google Assistant Settings

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

4. Tap on Devices, and then Add a Device

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

5. Click on the Link to a Device

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

6. Tap on the search icon and type Eufy Security

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

7. Select the Eufy Security app option from the search results. 

8. Now, enter your Eufy Security app login credentials and click Authorize

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

9. Next, enter your Google PIN code and click Confirm

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

10. Wait a few seconds until it authorizes your Eufy account. 

11. Then click the back button and return to the app homepage. 

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

12. Select the rooms where your Eufy devices will be activated. 

Does Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home

13. Now, you can see the front door using voice prompts using Google Assistant. 

What are the Doorbells that Work with Google Assistant? 

There are several smart video doorbells that can work with the Google Home Assistant. All of the devices require AC power or use solar panels to operate.

However, their camera quality will vary depending on technology and compatibility with Google. Here is a list of the doorbells that work with the Google Home Assistant:

1. Eufy Security Video Doorbell Battery Powered Kit

2. Eufy 2K Wired Doorbell 

3. Eufy 1080p Wired Doorbell 

4. Eufy 2K Pro Wired Doorbell 

5. Eufy 1080P Battery-Powered

6. Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell

Can I connect the EUFY doorbell to Google Home?

You can connect your Eufy video doorbell to Google Home Assistant. Which is a pretty straightforward process; the only thing you do is to add the Eufy Security app in the Google Home app and select the devices where they should ring. That’s how Eufy Doorbell work With Google Home.

What are the Benefits of Using Eufy Doorbell with Google Home Assistant? 

Using the Google Home Assistant, you can see, speak and hear visitors at your front door living within the comfort of your home. 

Because you can ask the Google Assistant to open the doorbell using voice prompts hands-free. Using the Eufy doorbell with Google Assistant has several other benefits. 

You can use it as an in-home chime; when someone presses the doorbell, it will alert you. 

You’ll not need to open the app. Home Assistant will alert you and show a live preview if connected to a smart screen. 

Another advantage of this is you can use the Two-Way audio feature without opening the door and your Eufy Security app.

Can the EUFY doorbell use Google as a chime?

Yes, the Eufy doorbell can use a Google Home Assistant as a chime. It will ring when someone presses the doorbell or events are recorded. 

Does Eufy work with Alexa or Google?

Yes, the Eufy doorbells are compatible with both Alexa and Google. You can easily set your eufy doorbell with one of the systems and upgrade your home security to the next level. 

Is eufy owned by Google?

No, the eufy isn’t owned by Google; it is a Chinese-based company mostly known for its home & security technology devices. 

Wrapping Up

We hope this article helped you know that Eufy Doorbell can work with the Google Assistant app. Also, the detailed method for setting up the doorbell with Home Assistant. 

In this article, we have also covered a few other related questions that might be in your mind regarding your Eufy doorbell and Google Home set-up. 

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