Await Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone (7 Ways to Fix) 

I was just about to leave my house when I noticed that the Await Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone.

I had been using it for months now, and this had never happened before. But today, nothing was happening, no matter how many times I pressed the button.

So, I researched on the Internet and found a few possible solutions. I’ll walk you through these solutions to fix your Aiwit doorbell in this article.

Here are a few quick tips on how to fix the Aiwit doorbell not ringing on the phone:

  • Faulty Wi-Fi connection! Fix it
  • Check the power status of your doorbell
  • Update the Aiwit app 
  • Turn on notifications & increase the volume

Let’s take a deep look at possible solutions!

Await Doorbell Not Ringing On Phone

These are possible solutions that you should follow to fix your Aiwit doorbell: 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

1. Check & Fix your Wi-Fi Connection 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

While your Aiwit doorbell isn’t ringing on your phone, it will be due to a faulty or slow Wi-Fi network connection. 

If the Wi-Fi connection where your doorbell is connected is faulty, it results in various issues with the device. 

So, you should check your Internet connection and ensure it is working properly; the doorbell is receiving proper signals. 

You can check your Internet connection by connecting your phone to the router and then trying to open a web browser. 

If you cannot open a web browser or use the Internet on your phone, your router connection is faulty. 

Another way you can check your Wi-Fi connection is if you are able to use a web browser, you can check your signals or internet speed using “Internet speed checker” websites. 

Here are a few steps to fix the Wi-Fi connection. 

Place Closer the Doorbell

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

Check the router position and distance between the doorbell and your Wi-Fi router. If the router is placed too far from the doorbell, it will cause slow/ poor Wi-Fi connection. 

You should re-locate your router and place it closer to the doorbell. And then check if you are receiving notifications on your mobile. 

Reset Router 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

Power cycling or factory resetting devices is another possible solution to remove glitches and resolve malfunctioning. 

If your router connection isn’t fixed or keeps dropping, you should perform a factory reset. 

Factory resetting will remove your customized settings and turn the router back to its factory default settings. 

You can firstly power cycle the router to check if it works. Locate the router’s power adapter and unplug it for about one minute. 

And then replug it after a minute into the power adapter. Then turn it back on and check if it is working. 

Here is how you can reset your router:

1. Ensure the router is switched on. 

2. Locate the reset button at the back of your router. 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

3. Press and hold the reset button with a paperclip for about 15 seconds. 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

4. Release the button and wait for it completely turns back on. 

Remove Interference & Use Extender

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

You should also check for Internet interference between the router and your doorbell. These devices/ interferences prevent the signals from reaching your doorbell. 

You should remove all kinds of devices that emit radio waves from the way of your router. It will help you to improve your Wi-Fi signals. 

Also, you can get a Wi-Fi extender to boost your Internet signals and improve Wi-Fi coverage at your house. 

2. Update Aiwit App

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

Sometimes a malfunctioning app can cause your doorbell notifications problems. Because when your Aiwit doorbell is running on an outdated version, it shows several errors. 

You should check your Aiwit app to ensure it runs on the latest version. If it is not up to date and several updates are available, you should install the latest one. 

You can update the Aiwit app by following the below steps:

1. Open the Play Store or App Store on your phone. 

2. Type the await app in the search bar. 

3. Select the official app and then tap on Update. 

3. Enable App Notifications 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

Another common reason you cannot receive notifications or ring on your phone is that the app notifications are disabled. 

When the app push notifications options are disabled, you will not receive alerts when someone presses the doorbell or detects a motion. 

You can check these notification settings in the Aiwit app. Launch the app and then enable the motion and push button alerts. 

And then, you can test the doorbell by pressing the push button to ensure it is ringing on your phone. 

4. Turn Volume Up 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

If your phone’s volume or the doorbell volume is turned down, your doorbell will not ring on your phone. 

So, you should check your phone volume and turn it up to ensure the doorbell ring can easily be heard on your mobile. 

On the other hand, you should check and increase your doorbell volume from the Aiwit mobile app. 

5. Check the Power Status of Doorbell 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

You should also check the power status of your doorbell, whether it is turned off or on. You must check if the power switch is enabled from the back of your doorbell. 

If it is turned off, you should turn it on and wait a few seconds until it turns on. Also, check its batteries are not faulty, so you can replace them with new ones. 

Additionally, check the circuit breaker that controls your doorbell isn’t tripped. Flip the breaker back to its “on” position. 

6. Reset Doorbell 

aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone

If the doorbell is still not resolved after trying all the above solutions, you should perform a factory reset for your doorbell. 

Performing a reset will return your doorbell to its factory default settings and remove software glitches. 

You should also remember resetting will wipe all of your recordings, don’t forget to back up your data before resetting it. 

Here is how you can reset the Aiwit doorbell:

1. Press and hold the reset button for about 8-10 seconds until the doorbell starts flashing red. 

2. Once the doorbell is successfully reset, set up into the app. 

7. Contact Customer Support 

If none of the above steps has resolved your Aiwit doorbell notifications issue, you should contact Aiwit customer service. 

They will assist you further with this issue or provide several solutions to get the doorbell ringing back to your phone. 

Wrapping Up 

These possible solutions will help you get your Aiwit doorbell ringing back on your phone. 

  • Check & Fix your Wi-Fi Connection 
  • Update Aiwit App
  • Enable App Notifications 
  • Enable Motion Detection 
  • Turn Volume Up 
  • Check the Power Status of Doorbell 

Did I Miss Something 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which solutions have resolved your Aiwit doorbell problem? Are you still facing issues with it? 

Let me know in the comment. 

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