SimpliSafe Doorbell Ding But No Dong (How to Fix) 

SimpliSafe Doorbell Ding But No Dong you want to know?
I was enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon, curled up on the couch with my dog when I heard the familiar sound of my SimpliSafe doorbell. Ding! 

But surprisingly, there was no accompanying “dong” sound. I sat up, puzzled, and looked at my furry companion, who had also perked up his ears. 

I was unaware of this, so I decided to research it on the Internet. After some research and many struggles, I found a few possible solutions.

In this article, I’ll walk you through all of these solutions that helped me to fix my SimpliSafe doorbell that just dings but no dong. 

Let’s get started!

How Traditional Ding Dong Chime Works 

SimpliSafe Doorbell Ding But No Dong

The traditional chime has two different wires inside; one is for the ding and dong sound, and the second only produces the ding sound. 

These different sounds are used to identify the front or back doorbell. You can use ding only for the back door and the ding-dong sound for your front door. 

It actually works when electricity runs through the copper wires and puts an electromagnetic field on the spring. 

When it makes an electromagnetic field, spring moves and hits the back side of the chime to produce the “ding” sound. 

And when the charge is removed, the spring moves back and hits the other side of the chime, producing the” dong” sound. 

On the other hand, which spring makes only the ding sound, it has rubber or plastic stuff installed to stop it from hitting the other side. 

How to Fix SimpliSafe Doorbell Ding but No Dong

These are a few possible solutions to help you fix the SimpliSafe doorbell chime sound. 

Check wiring 

When you are facing an issue with your SimpliSafe doorbell that just produces “ding” but isn’t making the “dong” sound. 

You should check the doorbell wiring to ensure you have connected the front and rear door doorbell wires to the correct terminals on the chime. 

As we discussed, a chime has two wires; one makes a ding and dong sound, and the other produces the only dong sound. 

You may have connected your front SimpliSafe to the ding sound spring, so it is not making the dong sound. 

Another reason is that the doorbell push button is faulty; when someone presses the doorbell, it makes a magnetic charge and moves the spring to make a Ding sound. 

If the electricity keeps running through the copper wires and the circuit does not break, this spring sticks in this position.  

So, the magnetic field will keep pushing the spring to the ding position. When the magnetic field is removed, the spring will return to its original position and make the dong sound. 

Check Chime Inside 

If the chime is still not fixed, it is just producing a ding sound; you should check the chime inside to ensure there is no blockage in the way of the chime springs. 

You should remove the chime cover and then press the doorbell to check if it makes a ding-and-dong sound. 

If it is still not fixed, you should ask someone to press the doorbell, and you should check the chime with the cover removed. 

Check if you found anything to stop the spring from moving and hit both sides of the chime box. 

Also, you hold all wires inside the chime and stick them on the chime with tape. Then put the cover back on the chime box and press the doorbell if it works. 

Contact Customer Support 

If your SimpliSafe doorbell is still making just a ding sound, you should contact customer support. Customer support will be able to assist you with different solutions. 

In case it is still not fixed, you should consider buying another new mechanical or digital chime for your SimpliSafe doorbell. 

Did I Miss Something 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Is your SimpliSafe now sound ding-dong or not? 

Let me know in the comment right now. 

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