Ring Battery Level Not Updating (13 Ways to Fix) 

As I was about to leave my house for work one morning, I noticed that the battery level of my Ring device wasn’t updating.

I was confused and frustrated about why this was happening, so I decided to research and figure out what could be causing the problem. 

After some research and troubleshooting, I discovered 13 possible solutions to fix the issue that the Ring battery level isn’t updating.

So, in this article, I will explain all these solutions to help you resolve your Ring device running back again.

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Ring Battery Level Not Updating 

These are the possible solutions that you should try to fix your Ring battery level issues. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

1. Refresh Ring Battery Status 

While your Ring doorbell or other device is stuck on the same battery level, even if you have charged it for a few hours. This issue can be due to software glitches or the Ring app malfunctioning. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

So, you should try this method to refresh the Ring doorbell battery status. Refreshing the battery status will help you see the most up-to-date battery status.

Here are steps to refresh your Ring device status: 

  1. Press the doorbell once or twice. 
  2. For the camera, walk before the camera to trigger motion detection. 
  3. Then check into the Ring app; you should get the latest battery status. 

2. Force Stop the Ring App

This issue is common due to the app caches or glitches that might be causing this problem. You should try a few possible solutions to fix this situation. 

You can force-stop the Ring app and remove caches by going to the phone settings. It will help you to refresh the app and resolve issues. 

Here are steps to do this:

Force Stop Ring App

1. Open your phone settings 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

2. Scroll and tap on the Apps 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

3. Next, locate the Ring app, and tap on it

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

4. Here click on Force stop

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

If this method does not fix the app, you can try it 2 or 3 times until it is fixed. 

Remove Caches 

1. Open your phone settings app

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

2. Choose app and notifications 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

3. Then select app info 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

4. From the list of apps, locate the Ring app and tap on it

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

5. Next, select Storage & Cache

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

6. Click on the Clear Cache option 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

The steps I have mentioned might vary for your phone according to which brand or model of that phone you have. 

So, you can read the owner’s manual or find information online about clearing caches and force-stop apps on that app. 

#3. Update Ring App 

In a few cases, clearing the cache fixes the app issues, such as misbehaving, but if the Ring app is still not showing the latest updated battery level, you should check for the app update. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

Because if the app is not updated recently after the Ring released the latest update, it might cause problems. 

So, you should check and install the latest version of the app. Which will work correctly and remove this issue. 

Here are steps to check the app version and update it:

Check the Ring app version

  1. Open the Ring app on your phone 
  2. Tap on the three lines from the top left corner 
  3. Scroll down, and you will see a small number under the help; it is your app version 

Update the Ring app

Open the Google Play store app (Android) 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

Tap on the profile icon from the top right corner 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

Next, tap on Manage apps & device 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

Here you will see apps with the latest update available will be labeled “update available.”

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

Tap Update, if available, for the Ring app 

However, if you are an iPhone user, you can read the method from the Apple help article. And then, you can try another method of uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

You should uninstall the Ring app from your mobile phone and install it again. This method will help you to resolve the problem. 

#4. Reset Ring Device 

Factory resetting is a method that helps the user to turn their device back to the default factory settings. 

Performing a factory reset removes the user’s data, glitches, or bugs causing problems with the Ring device. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

You should perform a factory reset for your Ring doorbell, which will help you refresh the doorbell and work back correctly. 

Here are steps to reset the Ring doorbell to factory default settings:

  1. Remove the doorbell from its mounting bracket 
  2. Press and hold the orange setup button for about 10 seconds 
  3. Your doorbell will enter setup mode after the reset completed  

#5. Update Ring Device 

You should also check your Ring doorbell software version to ensure it isn’t outdated. If the Ring runs on an outdated version, you can face problems with it. 

You should update your device to the latest version to resolve this issue. And then will be able to see the correct battery level. 

Here are steps to check the Ring doorbell firmware version:

  1. Open the Ring app
  2. Select your Ring device to want to check 
  3. Tap on the device’s health 
  4. Under the health details, check the firmware 
  5. If the firmware is updated, it will say “up-to-date.”

However, several updates are available for your Ring device; they will be automatically installed when the device records events or motion detection. 

#6. Check Wi-Fi Network 

Your Ring devices communicate with the app via a Wi-Fi network; if the network isn’t working correctly, the app will not be able to show you the latest updated battery level. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

So, check your Wi-Fi connection to ensure it is working. You can verify it by opening the web browser on your phone.

If the web browser can’t load, your Internet connection is faulty, and you should fix it. You can try a few steps to fix the Wi-Fi connection: 

Place router closer 

Your Wi-Fi router should be placed within the 30 feet range of your Ring doorbell. If it is away from the doorbell, it will cause a poor connection. 

And your Ring device will be unable to communicate with the app, and you’ll not see the updated battery level of your device. 

Move the router closer to the Ring and remove physical obstruction between the router and the doorbell. 

However, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender which will help to increase signal strength and keep a strong connection with your doorbell. 

Power cycle the router 

A power cycle is another simple solution that helps to refresh the devices. So, you should power cycle your Wi-Fi router. 

Here are steps to do this:

  1. Locate the circuit breaker which controls the doorbell. 
  2. Flip the breaker to the “off” position. 
  3. After 1 minute, flip it back to its “on” position. 

Factory reset the router

If all solutions fail to fix the router, you should perform a factory reset for your Wi-Fi router. Reset will turn it back to the factory default settings. 

And removes the software glitches or settings that might prevent it from connecting to the Ring device.  

Here are steps to reset the router back to its default settings:

  1. Ensure the router is powered on. 
  2. Locate the reset button at the back of the router and press it with the help of a paperclip or other similar tool. 
  3. Release the button after 15 seconds and wait for the router to turn back on. 

#7. Check Power Source 

The power source that you are using to charge your Ring can be faulty or not provide enough power. 

And it causes your Ring battery level to stay the same in the app. You can fix the issue by checking and fixing the power outlet. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

You can check the power source with the help of a lamp, plug it into the outlet and check if it lights up. 

If the lamp isn’t working, the power source that you are using is defective and needs to be fixed. 

However, you can use another power source to charge the doorbell or fix the faulty outlet. After a few minutes, check whether the issue is resolved. 

#8. Check Transformer 

After all the above methods, it’s time to check your Ring transformer because it plays an essential role in the whole process. 

If the transformer is malfunctioning or not supplying enough power to your hardwired doorbell, you will not see an increase in the battery level. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

Ring video doorbells require a 16-24 VAC 50/60 HZ transformer. For the video doorbell pro maximum of 30-60 VA. 

You can use a multimeter to check the current voltages that your transform provides to the Ring device. 

However, if the transformer is faulty or not meeting the requirements mentioned above, you should consider replacing it. 

#9. Check Circuit Breaker

A simple thing you should consider is checking that the circuit breaker isn’t tripped. It can be tripped due to overload or short circuits because each breaker is designed to hold a certain amount of load. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

If this is the reason, you should contact a professional to help you resolve the tripped circuit breaker. 

#10. Replace Charger 

If you’ve placed the Ring device into the charger for an extended period but still show the exact battery level. 

There are possibilities that you are using a faulty charger to charge it. Check that you are using an original Ring charger. 

Also, you can use another USB cable compatible with the Ring device to ensure the battery level is increasing. 

#11. Incompatible Temperature 

The Ring devices are not familiar with extreme weather conditions. When winter or summer starts, it impacts the Ring device’s performance. 

Extreme temperature causes lithium-ion batteries to not hold a charge, such as batteries used in your Ring devices. 

Ring Battery Level Not Updating

You should check the weather where you are using the Ring because it will stop charging at -5°F (-20.5°C) to 36°F (3°C). 

So, in this situation, you should remove the device from the outdoors and plug it into the charger inside your house. 

Put it back on your door front once fully charged. And you’ve to repeat the same routine until the weather becomes moderate. 

#12. Replace Battery 

Suppose the Ring battery level is still not updating, possibly due to a faulty battery. A defective battery that isn’t holding power or not charging. 

You should consider replacing the battery with a new one and then get the Ring device battery issues fixed. 

#13. Contact Customer Support 

After trying all the above solutions, if you still face issues with your Ring, its battery level isn’t updating. 

You should contact Ring customer support; the customer support team will assist you with more solutions. 

Final Words

These are possible solutions that will fix your Ring when its battery level is not updating: 

  • Refresh battery status in the Ring app
  • Force Stop the Ring App
  • Update Ring App 
  • Reset Ring Device 
  • Check Ring software update 
  • Check Wi-Fi Network 
  • Check the Ring transformer 
  • Replace battery 

How do I know if the Ring doorbell is charging? 

You can check your Ring doorbell charging status with the LED indicator lights. When you’ve plugged the Ring battery pack into the charger, you’ll see red and green lighting on it. 

Once the battery pack is fully charged, these lights will turn solid green. And now the battery pack is ready to use. 

What is the expected life of the Ring doorbell battery? 

Ring doorbell batteries can be used for about 6 to 12 months. However, a few factors cause it to reduce battery life. 

Here are these factors such as weather, incorrect installation, features used, and a few others. 

How do you refresh the Ring battery level?

After charging your Ring device, you should reconnect it, and the battery level will be updated. Another way is if the battery level is not updated, you should press the doorbell one or two times; it will refresh and update the battery level. 

Can you overcharge the Ring battery?

You should avoid overcharging the Ring battery; it may damage the battery or reduce its expected lifespan. 

Will I be notified by the Ring when the battery is low? 

Yes, Ring will send you an email warning that your battery runs low. The other way is to check the battery level in the Ring app. The Ring app has a feature that you can use to check the battery level. 

Why is Ring Battery Status Not Updating?

After charging your Ring camera, it requires a few minutes to update the battery status in the Ring app. However, if the status is not updated after a while, you should remove and reinstall the Ring app on your phone. 

Re-establishing the connection will help you to get the original battery percentage. If your doorbell is still in this situation, there will be many more reasons. 

You should check the doorbell charger and power source you are using; it should be working correctly. 

On the other hand, if you are charging it in extreme weather, you might experience the same problem. 

Why is my Ring battery saying not charged?

When your Ring battery says not charged, you should check the charger and ensure it is securely plugged in. 

Also, you should look at the cable closely for any visible damage. On the other hand, check if the battery is clicked into place. 

Why is the Ring battery always low?

It can be because your doorbell isn’t plugged in securely or the temperature isn’t suitable for your device. Because your Ring devices might not work correctly in extreme hot or cold weather. 

The other reasons can be a faulty power source, an incorrectly placed battery, or a faulty/ damaged battery. 

How can I make my ring doorbell battery last longer?

There are a lot of different factors that are draining your doorbell too fast, and you can make your doorbell battery last longer by following a few below steps:

1. You can adjust the motion sensitivity to lower. 

2. Disable certain products/ features for a few hours. 

3. You can change the smart alerts to standard. 

4. Adjust the doorbell’s direction/ position. 

Did I Miss Something 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method fixed your Ring device? Are you still in this issue? 

Let me know in the comment right now. 

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