Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to App (How to Fix)

I was so excited to install my new Nest doorbell but Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to App. I had heard great things about it and couldn’t wait for the convenience of being able to see who was at my front door from anywhere in the world.

But when I went to set up the app, nothing seemed to be working. No matter what I did, my Nest doorbell wouldn’t connect with the app on my phone.

After hours of frustration trying different solutions, I finally figured out what was causing this problem and how to fix it.

In this article, I’ll share everything I learned so that you can fix your Nest doorbell if it isn’t connecting to the app.

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to App

These are the possible solutions that you should try to resolve the Nest doorbell that isn’t connecting to the app. 

Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to App

1. Check and Update App Version 

The first possible solution when your Google Nest doorbell is not connecting to the app, you should check the Nest app version to ensure it is up to date. 

Because the Nest app can be the reason for this issue if it runs on an outdated version. You can update it from the Google Play Store or Apple App store. 

Here are the steps to update the Nest app: 

1. Open the Play Store/ App Store app on your smartphone. 

2. Tap on the search bar, and search for the Google Nest app. 

3. Select the Nest app, and then you’ll see a button labeled “update.” 

4. Tap on “Update” and wait until it finishes. 

2. Check Doorbell Power 

If you have a battery powered Nest doorbell, ensure its battery is fully charged. A low battery might prevent the doorbell from connecting or performing all features. 

Also, when you are charging the doorbell, you should ensure it is connected to a standard outlet, the power cord is plugged in firmly, and the power switch is turned on. 

If it is not charging, you should check the weather in your region because the extreme temperature can prevent it from charging. 

On the other hand, if you have a hardwired doorbell, you should check the wiring and circuit breaker and charge the doorbell inside. 

3. Change Router Settings 

Another common reason for your Nest doorbell is incompatible Wi-Fi bandwidth frequency; a few Nest products are not compatible with a 5Ghz network. 

So, it’s possible that you have selected a 5Ghz network for your router, and it will be causing the doorbell not to connect to the app. 

You should go to your router settings and change the frequency setting to enable the 2.4 GHz network. 

4. Fix Wi-Fi Connection 

A faulty or slow Wi-Fi connection can also cause this problem and prevent the doorbell from connecting. 

You can check your Wi-Fi network speed online by going to the web browser; a lot of speed checker software is available online. 

If the router is faulty or not providing proper signals, firstly, you should relocate it. Place the router closer to your Nest doorbell, about in the range of 30 feet. 

If your Wi-Fi connection is still not fixed, you can try other solutions like power cycling the router, factory resetting, or replacing it. 

5. Reset Doorbell 

If the doorbell is not fixed, you should consider performing a factory reset; resetting will help you remove the software bugs and fix the device. 

Also, keep in mind that after resetting the doorbell, all of your saved data will be removed. So, you should back up essential footage or data to access after resetting. 

Here are the steps to reset your Nest doorbell: 

1. Unmount the doorbell using the key that comes with the device, or you can use a sim ejector tool. 

Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to App

2. Then press and hold the reset button from the back of your doorbell for about 15 seconds. 

Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to App

3. Release the button when the status light turns solid after blinking four times. 

Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to App

4. And wait until the light in front of the doorbell turns off; it means the reset is finished. 

6. Check If Doorbell Is Warm 

While your doorbell prevents you from connecting from the app, you should check to ensure that your doorbell isn’t warmed. 

If the doorbell is warm/ overheated due to any reason, it will not connect to the app to prevent any kind of software or hardware damage. 

In this case, remove the doorbell and take it inside your house to cool it down. And try connecting again when the doorbell temperature becomes moderate. 

Also, figure out what is the reason for overheating of your doorbell; it can mostly be due to hot weather or an incompatible power source. 

7. Contact Customer Support 

If your Nest doorbell is still not connected to the app, you should contact Google Nest customer support. 

The customer support team will assist you with other possible solutions and help resolve this issue. 

Final Thought 

These are the possible solutions that will fix your Nest doorbell issues that it isn’t connecting to the app: 

  • Check and Update App Version 
  • Check Doorbell Power 
  • Change Router Settings 
  • Fix Wi-Fi Connection 
  • Reset Doorbell 

Did I Miss Something 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method has fixed your Nest doorbell? Are you looking for other solutions? 

Let me know in the comment. 

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