How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell (5 Easy Ways) 

As a homeowner, It’s important to know How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the doorbell needs to be turned off for maintenance or when I’m working on the front of my door.

Fortunately, turning off the eufy Doorbell is easy and doesn’t require special tools or knowledge.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to turn off your eufy Doorbell so that you can ensure it continues running smoothly and efficiently.

Here are a few quick methods: 

  • Completely turn off the doorbell
  • Enter into the disarmed mode 
  • Disable the motion detection
  • Snooze it for a few hours

Let’s dive into the detailed guide!

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

These are a few possible methods to turn your Eufy doorbell off.

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

1. Power Off

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

There are several reasons to turn your doorbell, but it’s quite simple. To do so, firstly, you can turn off your Eufy doorbell using the push button. 

This your doorbell will be completely turned off, and no feature will be working on the doorbell. Here are steps to power off the doorbell:

1. Access your doorbell and unmount it from its mounting plate. 

3. Locate the SYNC button at the back of your doorbell. 

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

2. Press the button five times in 3 seconds. 

Once you have completely turned the doorbell off, do everything you want without being frustrated by many false notifications. 

Also, remember to turn the doorbell back on once you’ve done your job or leaving your home. Here is how you can turn the doorbell switched on: 

1. Press and release the sync button from the back of the doorbell. 

And wait until your doorbell completely turns back on and connects back to your Internet, and starts keeping an eye on your house. 

2. Enable the Disarmed Mode

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

Eufy doorbell has several modes; the disarmed mode is one of them. In the disarmed mode, your eufy device will temporarily be deactivated for a certain period. 

In this mode, all the features, including motion detection, will not work. Also, you’ll not receive any alert notifications on your phone. 

You can enable this mode from your Eufy security app. Here is how you can disarm your eufy camera.

1. Open the eufy security app and log into the account if required. 

2. And then go to the Security tab in the app. 

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

3. Next, click on the Disarmed option. 

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

Once you’ve disarmed your doorbell, do your job and arm it back from the Eufy security app using the previous steps. 

3. Snooze the Doorbell

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

Another way to turn off your doorbell or stop receiving the alert notifications is to snooze the doorbell for a particular period. 

After the time you’ve selected, your doorbell will start sending notifications to your phone and ringing on the HomeBase. 

The benefits of this method are you will prevent any alerts at the same time your doorbell keeps recording events or that you can access it anytime from the app. 

It will be beneficial in a situation if something unconditional happens so that you can see the footage later from the doorbell. 

Here are the steps to snooze your Eufy doorbell

1. Open the Eufy security app

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

2. On the devices/ Home page, choose your doorbell. 

3. Additional step (click on the gear icon)

4. Tap on the snooze icon

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

5. Check the boxes next to; “snooze motion, and snooze HomeBase,” then select the snooze time period. 

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

4. Turn Off Motion Detection 

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

You can also turn your Eufy doorbell off by disabling the motion detection feature. Doing this will cause the doorbell to stop alerting or recording motion events. 

However, you’ll still be able to see the live view of your front doorbell manually by opening the security app. 

Here are the steps to disable motion detection for your Eufy doorbell:

1. Launch the Eufy app and log into the account. 

2. Tap on the three dots menu icon from your doorbell.

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

3. Then click on the gear icon. 

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

4. And select motion detection. 

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

5. Here, turn off the motion detection toggle. 

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

5. Put Physical Barrier

How to Turn Off Eufy Doorbell

If none of the solutions work to turn your doorbell off, you can try putting a physical barrier before your eufy doorbell. 

It should cover the doorbell sensor and prevent the device from detecting motions or sending you the same kind of alerts when working in your front yard. 

You can take a wooden plank and put it on the front of the doorbell. Also, you can use less sticky tape on the sensor, but it will not be a good idea. 

Wrapping Up

  • Power Off
  • Enable the Disarmed Mode
  • Snooze the Doorbell
  • Put Physical Barrier
  • Turn Off Motion Detection 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method from this do you use to turn off your eufy doorbell?

Let me know in the comment. 

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