How to Bypass Ring Ownership (Step-by-Step Guide) 

If you have bought or got a Ring device at home lifted from a previous homeowner, you don’t know him. And are looking for a method to bypass the Ring ownership. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible due to the Ring policies. The ring has the ownership method to protect their devices from being stolen or accessing someone’s house privacy. 

While you don’t know the original owner, you can contact Ring customer support. They’ll contact him via email on your behalf. 

In case the owner is dead, you can get in touch with Ring support, and they might provide a method. 

However, following the Ring official method, you can quickly transfer devices from one account to another. 

In this article, I will share the detailed process of changing Ring device ownership. And adding a device to your account to configure settings.  

Let’s get started! 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

If you are the owner of a Ring device and want it removed from your account because you’ve sold or gifted it to someone. 

In order to remove the device from the account, you’ve to reset it, remove payment info, download essential videos, and remove the subscription. 

However, if you are a new owner and want to set up the Ring device, it shows the doorbell or cam is registered to someone else. 

You will need to request the owner to remove the device from his account. But if you don’t know the previous owner, Ring will do it for you. 

You should contact Ring custom support. They will get the previous owner on your behalf via email. 

And just deleting the protection plan and physically uninstalling or deleting the Ring app will not remove ownership. 

It needs a few steps to remove your ownership of the Ring device, which are mentioned below. 

How to Request Ring Ownership from the Previous Owner

 You should follow the below steps to set up the Ring device in your account as a new owner of it. 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership
  1. Install the Ring app and open it on your mobile phone 
  2. From the dashboard, tap on three lines at the top left corner 
  3. And tap Settings 
  4. Here update your previous address to a new address under the General settings > remember to save it 
  5. Again tap the three lines from the top left corner 
  6. Tap Devices
  • And then, choose the specific device you want to set up 
  • Also, ensure you have named the new Wi-Fi network and password handy 
  1. Tap on the device health option 
  2. Tap Reconnect to the Wi-Fi 
  3. And then set up other features, motion detection or scheduled motion detection, etc

However, if you have received a message that this Ring device is registered to another user. So, you should follow the on-screen prompts and tap to learn more about device transfer

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

Here you can send a request to the original user to transfer the device. And the user should remove that device from his account. 

If you do not receive prompt requests for a transfer, you should ensure that you have installed the latest Ring app version on your phone or contact customer support. 

Sometimes, the original owner might be dead, or you don’t know him, but you need to transfer the device to your account. 

In case you contact the Ring customer support team, they will send an email to the previous owner on your behalf to remove it from his account. 

How to Remove Ring Device Ownership for New User

These are steps for someone who is the current owner of the Ring device and wants to remove the device from his Ring account. 

You’ll need to follow a few steps; cancel the Ring, protect the plan, download essential videos, and remove the device from the account. 

Follow the steps below: 

1. Download Videos 

Before removing your Ring device from the account, you should ensure you download the recorded video. 

You can download or share up to 50 videos with Ring protect plan at once by logging in to 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

Here is how to download videos from 

  1. Log in to your Ring account 
  2. Then Go to History and Manage 
  3. Next, select videos that you want to save and tap Download 
  4. These videos will be downloaded to your PC in a zip file. You can unzip and watch each video in mp4 format. 

In this way, you can download videos from, but downloading the videos from the Ring app will vary. 

With the help of Ring protect plane, you can also share recorded videos with someone you want. 

2. Cancel Ring Protect Plan

The Ring has a policy that one Ring account should only have one payment method on file. So, if you are going to transfer the device to a new owner, remove your payment method. 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

So, the new owner will be able to use his own payment method for the Ring protect plane. And only the account owner will be able to remove or update payment methods from 

Here are steps to remove Ring protect plan: 

  1. Log into your account on 
  2. Select account > and tap manage account 
  3. Next, tap on My Payment Methods > and click Update 
  4. Now select Remove Payment Method 
  5. Then tap Change For All Plan 
  6. Select continue and save all settings 

Once you have removed the payment method, your subscription plans will expire, and all recorded videos will be permanently deleted. 

3. Remove from Account 

Once you’ve done the above steps, you should remove your Ring doorbell or cam from the account, as a new owner can add it to his account. 

Here are steps to removing the Ring device: 

Open the Ring app on your phone 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

Tap on the Three Line from the top left corner of the app dashboard 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

Click on Devices

  • Next, choose your Ring device which you want to release from your ownership 

Tap on the Device Settings 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

And General Settings 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

Select Remove this Device 

How to Bypass Ring Ownership

Once you’ve saved settings, this device will be released from your ownership, and you will no longer be able to use or customize its settings. 

And now, the new owner can easily set up this device in his Ring account. And can update the payment methods or addresses. 


These are steps to bypass the Ring ownership: 

  • For the previous owner should have canceled Ring protect plan 
  • And also removed the Ring device from his account 
  • A new owner should download the Ring app and set up the device in their own account 
  • If the device shows already in someone’s ownership, you can request the owner to release it

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