Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red (What Does Mean) 

My Arlo doorbell had been working fine for months, until one day I noticed it was flashing red and white. 

I had no idea what could be causing this issue, so I decided to investigate.  After some research and troubleshooting, I discovered  the possible reasons for this. 

In this article, we’ll look at common causes of why your Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red as well as how you can fix it.

Let’s get started! 

Why Arlo Doorbell Flashing White and Red

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

When you’ve found your Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red, it means the device failed to discover a Wi-Fi connection or HomeBase. 

In a few cases, it shows that a Wi-Fi issue occurred or your doorbell failed to scan the QR code. 

However, if the orange light is solid on the doorbell, it indicates that the device isn’t receiving enough power and should be fixed. 

In this case, you can try the troubleshooting steps below, which will help you resolve the Arlo doorbell. 

How to Fix Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red 

You should follow the steps below to fix the Arlo doorbell flashing white or amber. 

1. Check In the App 

First, you should figure out the main reason for this problem; you can open the Arlo app and check if you’ve received any error messages. 

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

It will help us in fixing the device, and we’ll troubleshoot the problem straightforwardly. However, if there is no notification, you can read the following steps to fix it. 

2. Reset Router 

When someone presses the doorbell, a red light begins to flash, which indicates that the doorbell is discovering the Wi-Fi or SmartHub. 

However, if you have a faulty Wi-Fi connection, it causes the doorbell to fail in discovering the connection and sending the message someone is in front of your door. 

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

You can resolve this issue by resetting and power cycling the Wi-Fi router. Here are steps to power cycle the router: 

  1. Locate the power adapter of the router 
  2. Unplug it and wait about 1 or 2 minutes 
  3. Replug the adapter into the power outlet 

Here are steps to reset the Wi-Fi router: 

  1. Ensure the router is powered on, and locate the reset button at the back of it 
  2. Use a paperclip or similar object to press it 
  3. Insert it into the button, then press and hold for about 15 seconds 
  4. Next, wait for the router fully reset and turn it fully back on 

3. Reset Doorbell 

In the same way, you have to reset your Arlo doorbell, which will help you turn the device back to the factory settings. 

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

And if the doorbell faces any Wi-Fi issues or software bugs causing this issue, a factory reset will be a possible solution. 

Here are steps to reset the Arlo doorbell: 

Unmount the doorbell with the help of a pin or a paperclip 

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

Press and hold the reset button from the back of the doorbell for about 15 seconds 

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

On the front of the doorbell, the LED ring will start flashing white; when the doorbell resetting 

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

And then, add it to the app and check if the problem is fixed 

4. Ensure the Doorbell and Phone on Same Network 

If the problem occurs while setting up the Arlo doorbell in the app, you should ensure that the mobile phone and doorbell are on the same network. 

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

This issue can occur several times if they are not connected to the same 2.4GHz network. So, you should move both devices to the same connection to fix the issue. 

For your help, you can read it now for connecting 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.  

5. Check Power Supply  

You’ve to check the doorbell power supply to ensure that the doorbell is not flashing due to power connectivity issues. 

The doorbell should be securely connected to the transformer with 16-24V AC current. If it is below, then you should replace it with 16-24VAC. 

Arlo Doorbell Flashing White And Red

Ensure all wires are connected securely and that the doorbell is fully charged. Because these lights might indicate a low or dead battery. 

You can unmount the doorbell and plug it into the charger with the micro USB charging, check once it is fully charged. 

However, if the doorbell isn’t charging or holding charge for an extended period, you should consider replacing the battery. 

6. Place the Router Closer

Sometimes a massive distance between the Wi-Fi router and the doorbell causes a low signal problem. And due to the slow network, your doorbell cannot discover the Smart Hub or deliver a message to the user. 

So, you should ensure that your router is not away from the doorbell and HomeBase. Mostly the distance between your devices should be at most 30 feet. 

If you cannot place the router closer to the doorbell for some reason, you can use a Wi-Fi extender to improve the signal’s strength. 

This way, the doorbell will be resolved, and not find the connection error again. 

7. Contact Customer Support 

Once you’ve tried all the steps mentioned above but still face this doorbell issue, you should contact customer support. 

The customer support team will help you figure out the problem and assist you with further solutions. 


These are possible reasons for flashing White and Red your Arlo doorbell: 

  • Someone presses the doorbell, and it is founding the Wi-Fi or SmartHub
  • Wi-Fi connection has an error, and the doorbell cannot scan the QR 
  • Reset the Wi-Fi router and Arlo doorbell 
  • Check the doorbell power supply to ensure it isn’t facing the power issues

Did I Miss Something

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