Aiwit Doorbell Problems and Solutions (Step-by-Step)

We got Aiwit Doorbell Problems and Solutions as Many people have encountered common problems when using their Aiwit doorbells, such as connection issues or poor video quality.

Fortunately, these issues can often be resolved quickly and easily without having to replace the device.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common problems associated with Aiwit doorbells and how to go about fixing them.

So if you’re experiencing any difficulties with your Aiwit doorbell, read on for helpful advice.

Let’s get started with Aiwit Doorbell Problems and Solutions

What are the Common Aiwit Doorbell Problems? 

As we are discuccing about Aiwit Doorbell Problems and Solutions first start with the most common problems which many users are facing with their Aiwit doorbells. 

aiwit doorbell problems and solutions
  • Not Connecting to Wi-Fi 
  • Battery Power Issues
  • Not Recording 
  • Not Ringing on Phone 
  • Not Scanning QR Code 

Let’s discuss all of these problems in little more detail: 

1. Aiwit Doorbell Not Connect to Wi-Fi 

aiwit doorbell problems

The most common issue that many Aiwit users are facing is that it isn’t connecting to their Wi-Fi network. 

This issue can be due to several reasons like poor Wi-Fi signals, network interference, incorrect placement of the router. 

Sometimes you might have changed the network username or password and forget to update the change for your doorbell. 

In a few cases your Wi-Fi network can run into problems due to software bugs or glitch and the reason is not connecting the doorbell to your Wi-Fi. 

2. Not Recording 

aiwit doorbell problems

Another issue with the Aiwit doorbell is that it doesn’t record videos or events. This issue might occur if you have an issue with your Wi-Fi network. 

Due to the poor Wi-Fi connection, the doorbell will not be able to save footage on the app. On the other hand this issue is common when your cloud storage subscription expires. 

Aiwit offers you free cloud storage for a certain period; when this trial expires you’ll need to buy a subscription to save videos. 

3. Never Ring on Phone 

Many users with their Aiwit doorbell face the issue that it doesn’t ring on their phone or send notifications alerts. 

This issue is common when your phone or doorbell is connected to a slow Wi-Fi connection. Also this is common due to the Aiwit app issue; the app might be outdated or need to remove the app cache. 

Because if you are using the app which runs on an outdated version it can cause a variety of issues like not sending notifications to your phone. 

4. QR Code Not Scanning 

aiwit doorbell problems

The other issue that many users find with Aiwit doorbell is that it doesn’t scan QR code while setting up in the app. 

This issue is due to several reasons like if you are trying to scan the QR code in poor lighting, or not correctly putting it in front of the camera. 

5. Charging Issues 

aiwit doorbell problems

Charging issues are also common with the Aiwit doorbells, which many users have reported. The charging problems can be due to hardware issues or if not using the correct input power source. 

It is most common when you have not correctly plugged it into the power source, using a faulty power outlet, or the charging cable is defective. 

6. Not Ringing Inside Home 

aiwit doorbell problems

In the end another issue which Aiwit users are facing with their doorbells is that it isn’t ringing inside the home. 

This issue is common when you don’t connect it correctly to your in-home chime. Or sometimes you don’t have it hardwired correctly. 

How to Fix Aiwit Doorbell Problems?

Here are steps that you can try to resolve all kinds of the issues with your Aiwit doorbell. 

1. Not Ringing on Phone & In-Home

While you are facing issues with your Aiwit device that isn’t ringing on your phone or sending notifications you should try a few steps. 

Check Internet 

You should check your Wi-Fi connection to ensure it is working correctly, because a faulty network will cause your doorbell to not send notification on your phone. 

If your Wi-Fi connection is not working correctly you should try to power cycle your router. And check if it is not placed closer, move it closer to your doorbell. 

Also you should ensure that your mobile phone and doorbell are connected to the same Internet connection. 

If the router is not working you should perform factory reset for the router. Factory resetting will turn the router back to its factory default settings. 

After factory resetting the router will turn back to its default settings and also this method will remove software bugs. 

Check Doorbell Power Status 

While the doorbell is not ringing on your phone you should also check the doorbell power status to ensure it receives power and is turned on. 

Check the power power switch at the back of the doorbell, it should be turned on. You should also check the power outlet is working correctly that you are using to power up the doorbell. 

Reset the Doorbell 

To resolve this issue you can also try to reset your Aiwit doorbell to its factory default settings. 

After resetting the doorbell it will turn back to the factory default settings and all kinds of software bugs will be removed. 

Update Aiwit App

Sometimes your doorbell doesn’t ring when you are using the outdated version of the Aiwit app. 

So, you should check for the available updates for the app and install the latest version of the app in order to get the problem resolved. 

Check Wiring 

Sometimes the doorbell wiring can become loose and it runs into problems that are not ringing on in-home chimes. 

So, you should loosen the screw on the doorbell and check the wiring. If you find any wire loose you should peel it and reconnect. 

On the other hand go inside your home and check the chime box to ensure the connectors are free to move. 

You can check them by removing the chime box cover, if it rings correctly with cover off; it means inside the chime wires are interfering with the connectors. 

You can read more in details if Aiwit doorbell not ringing on phone here.

2. Not Connecting to Wi-Fi 

If you are having trouble connecting your doorbell to the Wi-Fi network you should try a few troubleshooting steps. 

Power cycle Router 

As initial steps when the doorbell is not connecting to the Internet you should try a power cycling method to resolve it. 

Power cycle includes disconnecting the router completely from power and then connecting after a few minutes. 

You can power cycle your router by following the below steps. 

  • Locate the power adapter of the router and unplug it. 
  • Wait about a minute. 
  • After 1 minute plug the adapter again in the power outlet and turn it on. 

Place Closer Closer

The other possible solution to fix the Wi-Fi connectivity issue is to ensure the Wi-Fi router is placed closer to your doorbell. 

The approximate distance between your router and the doorbell should be about 30 feet. Also you can use a wi-fi extender to improve the signal’s strength. 

When you are setting up the doorbell you should keep your phone and doorbell about in the 5 feet range of the router. 


You can also perform factory reset for your Wi-Fi router. It will help to remove temporary glitch or bugs that cause errors with the connection. 

And after resetting the router will turn back to its factory default setting all of your customized settings will be removed. 

You can reset the router by pressing the reset button with paperclip or other similar tool for about 15 seconds. 

You Might have Changed Username or Password 

In a few cases you might have changed the Wi-Fi network name or password and forget updating it for your doorbell. 

So, you should ensure that you haven’t changed any of the credentials for your Wi-Fi network. However, if you have changed username or password you set up the doorbell from the beginning and update the password for the doorbell. 

You can read more in details if Aiwit video doorbell wont connect to Wi-Fi here.

3. Not Recording 

You can fix the issue with your Aiwit doorbell that it is not recording by checking that it is online in the app, battery is fully charged, cloud trail isn’t expired and the Internet connection is working correctly. 

You should check that the doorbell battery is fully charged, in case the battery is fully drained you have to plug it for about 3-4 hours in charging. 

Also check for the cloud subscription to ensure the plane isn’t expired; because it will cause the doorbell to not record event when you don’t have enough cloud storage. 

On the other hand if you are having trouble with your Internet that you are using with your doorbell and mobile phone it will be the reason for these issues. 

Another common cause is the Aiwit app which if the app runs into trouble you will not be able to record videos. 

4. Not Scanning QR 

Last but not least Aiwit doorbell not scan QR code and this issue is due to several common reasons or the hardware problem. 

So, when your Aiwit doorbell is not scanning QR code you should ensure that you are using the correct Internet connection and scanning it in bright lighting. 

You can also try scanning with different lighting, and hold the doorbell more than 12 inch distance from the camera and then slightly move closer. 

Wrapping Up 

These are most common Aiwit Doorbell Problems & Solutions that Aiwit doorbells user are facing: 

  • Doorbell not charging 
  • It isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi 
  • Not ringing on phone & chime 
  • Keeps going offline 
  • Not scanning QR code 

Did I Miss Something about Aiwit Doorbell Problems & Solutions

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which issue are you facing with your Aiwit doorbell? Are you looking to buy a new Aiwit? 

Let me know in the comment. 

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