6 Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather (Guided)

For those looking for the best video doorbell to keep their home and family safe during cold weather, check these 6 Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather.

A video doorbell is a great way to stay aware of any activity around the front door of your home, even during the most frigid climates. 

These devices offer security benefits and often provide features like motion detection, two-way audio, and night vision.

Also, many models are designed with robust temperature tolerances to function in both hot and cold climates.

So, we have compiled a list of the nine best video doorbells you can use in cold weather; each has advanced features. 

Let’s get started!

6 Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather – top 6 picks

These are the best video doorbells and their detailed review for cold weather. 

1. SkyBell 1080p

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather


  • Operating with extreme temperature 
  • Motion detection 
  • HD video quality 
  • No subscription required 
  • Wireless connectivity 


  • Motion detection issues 
  • Sends false notifications

Why is this doorbell best for cold weather?

This doorbell is the perfect combination of convenience and security for your home.

Because it features wireless operation and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, you can see and communicate with visitors from anywhere in the world.

It offers incredible zoom capabilities, allowing you to see up to five times closer than standard doorbell cameras.

With this feature, you can make out even the smallest details of your visitors, such as their facial expressions and clothing.

Operating Temperature 

This doorbell is an ideal choice because it can withstand cold weather conditions.

It has an operating temperature range of -40ºF to 140ºF, allowing it to perform reliably in even extreme environments.

HD Resolution

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

Also, it offers a crisp, clear picture with its HD video resolution of 1080p.

It allows you to see every detail on your doorstep, whether at home or away.

Wide Field of View

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

Also, you’ll have a generous 180-degree field of view, allowing you to see visitors from almost any angle.

This advanced technology allows for superior visibility and detection, as you can clearly identify visitors.

Night Vision 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

One of its top features is night vision, which allows you to clearly see activity around the door, even in low-light conditions.

This night vision capability is enabled by infrared LEDs that capture images up to 30 feet away while maintaining a high degree of detail and clarity.

Two-Way Communication 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

It features two-way audio and video, allowing you to see, hear, and speak with visitors at your door directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The built-in microphone and speakers enable clear conversations, so you can easily communicate with visitors from anywhere.

Motion Detection 

With its motion detection feature, this doorbell can detect any movement within its range and alert you immediately.

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

It works by detecting changes in infrared light and sends a notification to your smartphone or tablet when it detects movement.

You can also customize the sensitivity settings so that you only get alerted when there’s actual suspicious activity and not just random movements.

Motion Detection Limitation

However, I found one limitation of it: it cannot detect successive motions until two minutes have elapsed between each registerable motion. 

It means that if there is continuous movement in front of the doorbell, it will only be able to detect and alert you to every other instance of movement. 

How to set up the SkyBell doorbell in the app: 

  1. Install the Total Connect 2.0 app on your phone. 
  2. Then log into the account and tap Camera from the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Here tap Add camera > and select SkyBell
  4. Continue with the existing account; if not, choose a new SkyBell
  5. Then follow the on-screen instructions and connect to the Wi-Fi network. 

SkyBell Video Doorbell Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

2. EZVIZ Video Doorbell – Beginners Friendly 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather


  • Weather resistance 
  • Motion detection 
  • Two-way talk 
  • Night vision 
  • Free 3 hour cloud storage 


  • Motion settings are annoying

Why is this doorbell best for cold weather? 

It has a wide field of view and is extremely reliable and easy to install.

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

With the free 3 hours of cloud storage, you can easily monitor who is at your door without worrying about running out of space.

The setup is incredibly straightforward with existing doorbell wiring, and the app is easy to use. 

It runs on one Lithium Ion battery, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it often or running out of power unexpectedly.

Operating Temperature 

Besides all the features, its performance in cold weather is excellent.

With an operating temperature range of -22ºF – +140ºF, this doorbell can withstand even the harshest winter climates without any issues.

Two-Way Talk 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

It has two-way talk, allowing you to communicate directly with whoever is outside your door.

The voice communication is crystal clear, ensuring that all conversations are heard no matter where you are located in the home.

Also, it has advanced noise cancellation technology that filters out background noise and keeps conversations clear.

Motion Detection 

Its motion detection feature is particularly impressive, using built-in motion sensors to detect movement.

And then sends an alert straight to the EZVIZ app with a snapshot of what triggered it.

It keeps you up-to-date with whatever is going on outside your front door, even if you’re not home.

Night Vision 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

This doorbell also has a built-in sensor for recording high-quality night vision events.

It can capture clear images and video of anyone who comes close to your door, even in complete darkness.

The device has an impressive 16 feet range and uses infrared LED lights to provide crystal-clear footage with vibrant colors.

High Resolution 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

It offers outstanding security and convenience with its top-notch 2k HD resolution.

You can enjoy a crystal clear view of what’s happening before your door with impeccable detail and clarity.

Wi-Fi Connectivity 

It features wireless connectivity via Dual Band 2.4GHz/5GHz for maximum range and performance.

So you don’t have to worry about connection issues or missed alerts.

With the ability to connect to your Wi-Fi network, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere with the EZVIZ app.


This doorbell is IP65 water and dustproof, making it perfect for any weather condition, even the harshest conditions.

This doorbell can withstand temperatures ranging from-22ºF to 140ºF degrees Celsius, making it a great choice for cold weather.


Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

This helpful device supports up to 128 GB of SD cards and offers 3 hours of free cloud storage.

That means that no matter where you are, all the footage from your doorbell camera is safely stored in the cloud.

How to set up an EZVIZ doorbell camera? 

  1. Press the power button on the doorbell for about 1 second to initiate the process. 
  2. Then plug in the chime, and it’s ready to use when the LED indicates blue
  3. Next, open the EZVIZ app on your phone > and tap on the plus icon to add a new device
  4. Next, select the Video doorbell and scan the QR code on the chime. 
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions, and ensure the phone is connected to a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network. 
  6. Then the doorbell will automatically be connected to the chime unit. 

Install the Doorbell 

  1. Find a proper location for the doorbell to install it. 
  2. Install it at the indoor entrance above the ground, about 1.2m – 1.5m. 
  3. Stick the drill template at the desired surface, and drill the hole accordingly. 
  4. Place the wall anchor > then align the mounting plate with the drill template. 
  5. Insert and tighten the screws. 
  6. Align the mounting holes with the mounting plate and ensure it is well-buckled. 

3. Night Owl Video Doorbell

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather


  • HD 1080p video quality 
  • Compatible with Google Assistant 
  • Night vision 
  • Motion detection 
  • Two-way audio


  • Detection zone are not adjustable 
  • Notification delay 

Why is this doorbell best for cold weather? 

It is a reliable product that offers high-quality security for my home.

The wide field of view gives you peace of mind knowing you can clearly see who is at the door.

Additionally, their 24/7 technical support ensures that if you have any questions or issues, they’ll be there to help you.

Operating Temperature 

It features a wide range of capabilities, including an impressive operating temperature range from -22ºF to +140ºF.

It makes the device ideal for outdoor use in almost any climate, especially for cold weather.

Video Quality 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

This doorbell provides superior video quality with its 1080p HD resolution and wide-angle lens.

That allows you to capture clear, crisp images of their visitors, day or night.

Google Assistance

The doorbell also works with Google Assistant, which makes it an incredibly convenient setup. 

Two-way Audio 

It offers a two-way audio system with clear voice communication, allowing you to hear and respond to visitors easily.

Night Vision 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

This doorbell is equipped with night vision technology that allows you to see up to 30 feet away, even in complete darkness, giving you peace of mind regarding safety and security. 


With the local storage, you don’t need to pay for subscriptions, as the Night Owl Doorbell comes with a micro SD card slot that can support up to 128 GB of storage.

Which allows you to save recorded footage of visitors directly onto the micro SD card without needing additional fees.

How to set up the Night Owl doorbell? 

The Night owl doorbell does not come with a fully charged battery; you should plug it into the power outlet until you hear the doorbell is ready to use > and then says the doorbell is in pairing mode. 

  1. Download the Night Owl app from the Google Play or Apple app store. 
  2. Tap on the plus icon to add a new device. 
  3. Then tap on the doorbell and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  4. Next, install the doorbell in your desired place. 
  5. Turn off the circuit breaker and remove your existing doorbell. 
  6. Put the mounting bracket on the surface and tighten the screws. 
  7. Next, loosen the screw at the back of the doorbell and wrap the wiring around the screw; then tighten the screws back. 
  8. Now attach the doorbell to the mounting plate using the mounting screws and place the faceplate on the doorbell. 
  9. Once the doorbell is mounted, turn back the circuit breaker and test your doorbell to see whether it is working. 

4. Eufy Wireless Doorbell – Overall Best

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather


  • No monthly fees 
  • Customised detection 
  • Night vision 
  • Ai detection 
  • HD video quality 
  • Two-way speak 


  • Stop recording on SD card 

Why is this doorbell best for the cold Weather? 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

Its wireless operation is great, and it is easy to install – no wiring is needed.

It works with traditional chimes, so you don’t have to buy any additional pieces of equipment.

Plus, it links up easily with my smartphone, so you can get notifications when someone presses the doorbell.

Operating Temperature 

It has a wide operating temperature range that can handle temperatures from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C), which makes it best for cold weather conditions.

And keep it running reliably even in extreme weather conditions.

Night Vision 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

The doorbell is also equipped with night vision sensors.

The IR LED sensors can detect motion up to 32 feet away in complete darkness.

The eufy doorbell’s night vision feature provides superior security and convenience for your home.

Motion Detection 

Its motion detection is incredibly accurate and reliable, with a wide range of customization zones that can be used to ensure maximum security.

It has an adjustable sensitivity setting, meaning you can customize the level of motion detection you need to suit your home.

Two-Way Speak 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

It’s equipped with two-way audio, so you can easily communicate with whoever is at your door.

The sound quality is incredibly clear, and you can hear every detail of the conversation.

Storage Option 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

One of the most impressive features of this doorbell is its ability to read micro SD cards that are Class 10 and higher, with support for capacities up to 128GB.

It allows you to store large amounts of data on the SD card without worrying about limited storage space and buying.

Also, this stored data can be easily accessed through the EufySecurity app for viewing or sharing.


Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

With its connectivity to both Alexa and Google Assistant, you can easily integrate the doorbell into any compatible device for a truly hands-free experience.

This allows you to receive notifications when someone is at the door easily, control the doorbell from there and communicate with the visitor.

Smart Human Detection 

This doorbell is equipped with advanced AI technology to detect human movement and recognize faces.

This technology enables it to instantly analyze any event happening in front of your door and determine whether or not a human is present.

Battery Life

It is an ideal doorbell for long-term use without worrying about recharging; because it has an incredible 120-day battery life. 

How to set up the eufy video doorbell? 

Eufy HomeBase

Before setting up the eufy video doorbell, you should turn on the HomeBase by plugging it into the power outlet. And then connect it to the Wi-Fi network with the help of an Ethernet cable. 

  1. Download the Eufy Security app and log into the account. 
  2. Tap on Add a device > and choose HomeBase. 
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and scan the QR code from the bottom of the HomeBase. 
  4. Then press the setup button to pair it; then, your HomeBase should be added to the app. 

How to Reset Eufy HomeBase 2

Eufy Doorbell 

  1. Tap on add device > scroll down and tap on battery power doorbell. 
  2. Then you should scan the QR code at the back of your doorbell. 
  3. Next, press the sync button until you hear a beep. 
  4. And follow the on-screen instruction in the app to finish the setup. 

Eufy Doorbell Offline

5. ZUMIMALL 2K FHD – Best Under Budget

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather


  • SD card and cloud storage 
  • 2k night vision 
  • IP66 waterproof 
  • Motion detection & alerts 
  • Preset voice message 


  • Few minutes delay in recording 
  • Need strong Wi-Fi network

Why is the ZUMMALL video doorbell best for cold weather? 

This wireless doorbell comes with a long-life battery that lasts up to 3 months, giving you ample time to recharge it without worry.

It also works with only 2.4GHz networks, which makes it fast and efficient when receiving signals from your smartphone or tablet.

And the 145° wide-angle view lets you see who’s outside your door even from farther away.

Operating Temperature 

It is an impressive choice for cold weather, with an impressive operating temperature range of -4°F to 32°F.

This makes it ideal for use in the winter months, and its IP 65 waterproof rating ensures that it can handle even the harshest weather conditions.

Two-Way talk 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

Its two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with anyone who rings the doorbell.

This feature gives you peace of mind that you can answer the door no matter where you are.

Also, you can use a pre-recorded 30 seconds voice message to communicate with the visitors when you are unavailable to speak.

Motion Detection 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

Motion detection is top-notch, providing clear notifications when someone is nearby or when movement is detected around your home. 

Also, you can instantly get motion alerts on your phone, which gives you a sense of security in knowing you can always know who’s at your door.

Night Vision 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

This device has a 1080p HD camera with advanced night vision that captures clear, detailed images even in complete darkness.

The infrared sensors allow for sharp, detailed images up to 33 feet away in total darkness.


The doorbell has a 50 dB siren, which can be activated either manually or when motion is detected. 

It also has a tamper alarm; it will sound an alert when someone tries to remove the doorbell from its mounting.

This makes it perfect for monitoring your property and deterring potential intruders.

6. Remo+ Remo Bell S

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather


  • No monthly fees
  • Night vision 
  • HD video quality 
  • Motion detection 
  • Two-way talk 


  • Need a strong Internet connection 
  • Notifications delay

Why is Remo+ best for the cold weather? 

The Remo+ doorbell is an incredibly reliable device that allows you to connect it to your existing doorbell wiring.

It is designed to work with both mechanical and digital chimes, providing a wide range of options.

The doorbell also can be shared with up to five users, making it perfect for larger households where multiple people need access.

Operating temperature 

This doorbell is especially well-suited to cold weather, with an operating temperature range of -4ºF ~ 122ºF (-20°C).

It makes the doorbell able to work in the most extreme temperatures. The doorbell will be able to function properly without any hiccups or malfunctions.

Motion Detection 

It features motion detection with customizable motion zones, adjustable motion sensors, and motion alerts that allow you to be informed.

The motion detection feature allows you to detect movement in specific areas around the doorstep and receive an alert if something unexpected happens.

You can customize the motion zones to detect or monitor only particular areas.

On top of all this, you will also receive motion alerts on your phone or another connected device whenever something is detected.

Two-way Talk 

This doorbell also offers two-way audio, so you can talk to and hear your visitors in real-time with crystal-clear sound. 

Night Vision 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

It also offers a wide-angle HD camera with night vision, allowing you to keep an eye on your home even when it’s dark outside.

The video quality is top-notch, clear, and precise. You can easily see who is at the door by accessing the live feed on your phone or tablet.

Video Quality 

Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather

This also features a wide angle high-definition camera that provides a 180-degree field of view.

That allows you to see all angles of your doorstep and ensure you can monitor who is at the door from any location.

The clear HD resolution video ensures that images of visitors or deliveries are crisp and sharp, so you always know who is at your doorstep.

Monthly Fees 

The icing on the cake is that Remo+ offers free 3-day rolling cloud storage included with purchase,

So you don’t have to worry about manually downloading and storing your videos.

If you want more storage options, they also offer monthly plans for just three dollars or an annual plan for thirty dollars.

How to set up a Remo+ video doorbell? 

  1. Install the Remo+ app on your phone. 
  2. Open the app and sign up for the account. 
  3. Then check if the doorbell is flashing blue, and wait a few minutes to charge it. 
  4. Next, go to the app and tap on Add Device
  5. Select the Remobell S > choose the timezone
  6. Enter the Network password > and scan the QR code on the back of the doorbell. 
  7. Then go to the phone Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Remobells network. 
  8. Wait until the doorbell finishes the setup. It can take up to 3 minutes

How to Choose the Best Video Doorbell for Cold Weather? 

Choosing a suitable video doorbell for cold weather can be tricky, as it requires you to consider many factors.

Cold temperatures can affect the performance of video doorbells and cameras, so it’s essential to choose one specifically designed for use in colder climates.

Here are some tips on how you can choose the best video doorbell for cold weather.

Temperature Range 

The most significant factor is the temperature range the doorbell can stand up to; you should look for the highest low-temperature ratings for the doorbell.

Most video doorbells available today have operating temperature ranges of -20°C to +50°C or higher.

However, some models may have lower or higher ranges, so checking before purchasing is important.

Waterproof Ratings

Another essential thing you should consider while selecting the best video doorbell for cold weather is its waterproof ratings. 

You should look for a doorbell camera with an IP rating of at least IP65. This rating indicates that the device is protected against dust and water jets from any direction.

Also, ensure that the battery compartment and any wiring connections are sealed tightly to avoid exposure during cold weather conditions.

Functions & Features 

You should also remember to check other advanced features for the doorbell, such as; night vision, motion detection, or battery type.

Night Vision capabilities are important; it allows you to see who is at the door even after the sun has gone down or during overcast days.

And motion detection is another important feature because it will alert you when someone approaches your entrance.

The two-way video call is the other feature that allows you to communicate with visitors, postman, delivery people, etc., without going outside and enduring frigid temperatures.

Two-Way Communication

One of the most important features of the video doorbell is two-way communication. It helps you to communicate with visitors from wherever you are.

With two-way audio, you can hear what is happening outside your front door and respond in real time without having to open the door.

Two-way video calling allows you and the visitor to see each other, making communicating easier without opening the door in the cold weather.

Operating Type  

Also, you should check whether the doorbell operation type is wired or needs a battery.

A battery-powered doorbell is typically easier to install and doesn’t require any wiring, which can be especially beneficial in a location with extreme temperatures.

However, these devices need regular charging, which can be difficult in cold weather when the battery may only last as short as other times of the year.

On the other hand, hardwired video doorbells are much more reliable in cold climates because they are powered by an AC transformer instead of a battery.

This means that even in subzero temperatures, your device won’t lose power and will remain operational.


The last and most crucial factor to consider is the device’s warranty and customer support.

Many video doorbells are not rated for outdoor use in cold temperatures, which could cause them to malfunction or even break down completely.

Checking the warranty coverage of a product will ensure that you have protection in case of any issues that occur due to extreme temperatures.

Additionally, many manufacturers offer customer support services for their products, including troubleshooting assistance and technical advice, which will be best for you.


What temperature is too cold for a doorbell? 

An extreme temperature for the video doorbell will be about -20°F to +100°F. A doorbell should not be installed in an area below -29°C.

Extreme cold can cause the bell to malfunction and could potentially damage it. The optimal temperature range for electric doorbells is between 45°F (7°C) and 95°F (35°C).

Do video doorbells work in cold weather?

Video doorbells typically work in cold weather but may not work as effectively in temperatures below freezing.

When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the batteries in the doorbells can begin to drain more quickly than normal due to the decreased rate.

Also, frost and snow can build up on the camera lens and interfere with the device’s ability to capture images clearly.

How do I keep my doorbell camera warm in cold weather?

You should insulate the camera with a waterproof layer to help keep the temperature inside the camera consistent.

You can also use weatherproof covers to protect your camera from direct exposure to rain and snow.

Lastly, you should consider using an outdoor heating source such as a power strip or motion-activated heater.

Final Thought 

We hope this article helped you select the best video doorbell for cold weather. 

Our top picks include; eufy wireless video doorbell and ZUMIMALL 2K FHD.

Because these doorbells provide excellent performance in cold weather, they also have other features like; night vision, motion detection, two-way speak, and push notifications and are available at an affordable price. 

Did I Miss Something 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which video doorbell from our top pick are you going to select? 

Let me know in the comment right now. 

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